Bicycle: Movement of burning fat

In many countries in foreign countries, cycling tourism is a very common way to go out, which can be exercised, and can enjoy the roadside views. In recent years, with the increase in people's environmental awareness, it is also a general trend that combustion fat rather than burning gasoline is more trend. Bicycle tourism is also popular in China. The enthusiasts of cycling travel are under the organization of the planner, and they are traveling around and looking for their own healthy life.

The benefits of bicycle exercise are unlimited, unlimited. Cycling can not only lose weight, but also make your body well. Since the bicycle movement is a lot of oxygen motion, heart function can be strengthened. It also prevents high blood pressure, sometimes more effective than drugs. Stepping on the bicycle compressed blood vessel, allows blood circulation to accelerate, the brain takes more oxygen, plus the large amount of fresh air, will feel that the brain is clearer. Riding on the car, you will feel very free and very fast. It is no longer just a kind of step-by-step tool, and it is a way of pleasing the mind.

Sport experts pointed out that due to the special requirements of bicycle movement, the arm and torso are more static work, and the two legs are mostly dynamic work. When the blood is redistributed, the blood supply of the lower extremities is large, and the changes in heart rate are also basis. The speed of the action and the undulations of the terrain are different. The internal urgently needs to supplement the nutrients and discharge waste, so the heartbeat is often 2 times -3 times higher than usual. If you repeatedly practice, you can make myocardial development, the heart becomes large, myocardial shrinkage, and the elasticity of the vascular wall can be increased. Thus, the amount of pulmonary ventilation is large, the lung capacity increases, and the breathing function of the lung is improved.

Expert advice: The amount of exercise of the bike should be moderate. It is not enough to pay attention to cycling, and the resistance to the ride can keep your good body. Each cycle is at least 30 minutes, but not more than 60 minutes. To relax when you ride, avoid causing your shoulders and neck soreness; don't prepaid your body when you ride, otherwise you will limit your abdominal breathing.

咱 也 来 次 "Speedback Competitive"

Although bicycles began in Europe, but the Americans invented the mountain bike swept the traditional bicycle concept, blowing a new wind all over the world.

The mountain bike is a bicycle designed for cross-country (hills, trails, wilderness and sand gravel, etc.), born in San Francisco in the West Bank of the United States in 1977. At that time, a group of young people who were keen on the beach bike on the hillside, and she was very interesting to fly from the mountain. "So I started the design and manufacture of cross-country bikes. Officially named mountain bike is in two years later. Since then, "Speed ​​Resistance" has emerged as a new project in the sports competition. The slow down line of the athlete riding a mountain bike slipped down, and the speed of the speed was victorious, attracted many enthusiasts.

The climbing bikes are divided into 3 projects: Downhillevent and Dualslalom are very similar to the skiing competition. Winning. The latter is slid down at the two drivers in two side-by-side downhills, leaping the Turndo on the side of the zigzag, the first arrival. As for Cross-Country, as the names, it is carried out in a nature environment in the wild, and the full length of the schedule is usually approximately

Between 16 km-24 km, there are not less than 1/4 tracks that are not repaired by any manual. All the games are just right to walk along the established tracks, avoiding more walking.

Bicycle equipment requirements

1, choose a car. It is best to choose a light quality bicycle, because choosing a bicycle that is suitable for you can reduce unnecessary troubles encountered on the road.

2, match with the car. Before hiking, you can come to self-test, make a short trip, understand your own physical strength, or better adapt to the performance of the car.

3, fully prepared. For example, if the gas is enough, whether the parts of each part will have a problem, and must be a bicycle performance before departure. If you have the ability, you can bring a spare tire, a small amount of tool. If you are riding a bicycle cross-country mountaineering, be sure to bring a map and compass.

4, cycle. It is necessary to wear special bicycle shorts, protect the skin, and injure due to friction. The clothes are suitable for multiple layers, which is easy to adjust. It is best to take a helmet and protect the head.

5, drink plenty of water to avoid false.

6, sunscreen work should be done.

7. Abide by the traffic rules on the road. Pay attention to the circumstances and road conditions, turn signal when turned, do not grave, not retrograde.

8. Don't forget the lock when parking.

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