What disease can exercise?

37-year-old Mr. Wang has a history of diabetes, and insists on the jogging of each other in the morning and evening. So far, there is no medication, the first 3 years of blood glucose is very good, but in the last year, there are many time fasting blood glucose above 8mmol / l.

Mr. Wang finds me: "If you add an hour to exercise every day, can blood sugar can not normal?" I clearly tell him, I can't, and ask the following reasons:

Athletes will also suffer from sick, excessive sports itself may become the cause of certain diseases; it can assume that people are a car, and the long-lost car will be broken, so they should be moved often, but if the car is faulty, it is Isn't it going to run? Obviously not; sports is only one of the characteristics of healthy life, other features of life include defense and self-repair, growth and reproduction, environmental steady-state control, etc., exercise is good for other functions, but can not replace other functions; Universal medicine, if the movement is a good medicine, it will not be universal.

Mr. Wang seems to have realized it, I will explain in detail from another aspect:

Diabetes is a multi-factor pathogency, such as genetic, obesity, much eating, small exercise, aging, environmental pathogenic factor, etc., sports cannot replace other cause control. High blood sugar is too much, too small, consumption, non-transformation, etc. The pathogenesis of diabetes is very complicated. In addition to insulin deficiencies and insulin sensitivity, there are also excessive factors such as liver and renal glysate, and sports cannot repair all pathological issues.

At present, the treatment of diabetes is still based on comprehensive treatment, diet control, and appropriate exercise are basic treatment. If these measures can effectively control blood sugar, you can do not take medicine; if blood sugar still does not meet the standard, it is necessary to assist drug treatment.

Sports can govern the disease, such as obesity, fatty liver, muscle atrophy, joint stiffness, etc., adjuvant treatment of diabetes, hypertension. However, these diseases need to change the habits such as diet. Drug treatment is required when these diseases are serious.

About the author: Tian Yuguang, professor, chief physician, graduate tutor. The Chief Popular Expert of Henan Province, Director of the Endocrinology Department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, Director of the School of Medicine and Health of Zhengzhou Municipal Committee. Thirty-five years of medical coaching, good at endocrine and metabolic diseases.

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