Therapeutic core of exercise neuron disease

One is to ensure sufficient nutrition. Patients may cause reduction in dysphagia, and have a fragile sports neuron "eat unique", will lose more powerful. In patients have difficulty in swallowing, and the whole condition can be considered for stomach surgery (ie, a tube is left in the abdomen, to solve the patient's nutritional problem), if dragging to the body is extremely weak, it is difficult to complete .

The second is to ensure breathing. Because the muscles responsible for breathing can lead to difficulties in breathing in patients. Depending on the inspection indicator of lung function, the non-invasive ventilator can help breathe, which also helps extend the survival period.

The third is to give drug treatment. At present, many drugs are still in the research stage, Rapuzole has been confirmed to extend the patient's survival period, once the diagnosis should be used as early as possible.

Fourth, careful care. The nursing of sports neuronal disease is a "long-term consumption war". The patient does not have strength cough, and it is easy to swallow difficult to cough, causing pneumonia. It is unable to turn over to cause pressure sores, and huge psychological stress. These are careful care. Can avoid them as much as possible. Nursing is a very important treatment for this disease. It is worth mentioning that "gradually frozen" does not need to exercise because it will increase the burden of motor neurons in turn of the muscles.

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