Fiery ice and snow movement is worth promoting

Qu Jiangnan Lake Elementary School actively promotes the pattern skating broadcast of the reporter

On December 16, the first set of pattern skating broadcast gynecases completed by the Chinese Dance Skating Association and the Chinese Dancers Association were officially released. In the ancient city Xi'an, including the children of the Jiangnan Lake Elementary School, there have been many ancient citys who love the ice and snow sports, and they use their way to show your hidden and expectations for the Winter Olympics.

Extension in the ancient city campus

It is reported that the national first pattern skating broadcast exercise has already been popularized and promoted nationwide, including the ancient city Xi'an. "In Xi'an, we first organize the top of the club's excellent spectaches, understand the movement of the spectacles and the movement of the spectacles and the coordination with music, rhythm, then enter the campus, help the school's sports teachers learn this broadcast. Operation, finally, then coach, teachers together to promote and popularize children in the campus. Secondly, we also use the club's own advantages, teach this small student to learn the spectacles every week. Then, these students went to their respective schools to teach and popularize their classmates. "Xi'an Oka Ice Sports Club Jingmei told reporters.

Everyone picks up the firewood flames. Under the school, the club works hard, Xi'an Qujiang South Lake Elementary School has become the first school in Shaanxi Province to advocate and promote the spread of spending spectacles, the school is not long ago. "The Flower Skating Broadcasting Express Youth Enters the Campus" event and the first Ice Snow Games in the school, and the children 's vibrant spending performance have won the applause of everyone. As the vice chairman of the International Skating Federation, Alexander Reekun said, in this broadcasting video, people can see a lot of spectacles warm-up, the classic movement of the body training, can also see the ice, jump, rotate The spectacles special action. This set of figure skating broadcast exercises will attract more children to do this, they will feel the beauty of tricks.

Shaanxi ice and snow movement flourishing

Since the success of the Beijing Olympic Winter Olympics, China has set off the climax of ice and snow, including the three Qin Dadi, the ice and snow sports projects, including the figure skating, ice hockey, sleigh, snowcraft, steel frame snowcot and alpine skiing. Started rooting, and received more and more people's favorite, the "5 million people participating in the ice and snow" proposed by the sports authorities are also going to reality from the vision.

It is reported that 10 athletes in our province are preparing for the national training team, launching the final sprint towards the Winter Olympics. These athletes come from sleds, snowcots, steel frame snowcots and three projects, they will strive Get qualifications representing the country to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

In addition, in public fitness and mass sports, the key points of the province represented by Xi'an also have achieved many results in promoting the snow and snow. In addition to the flowering skating, the ancient city Xi'an also has a multi-teen ice hockey team, the ice making team, and the ice and snow sports project have been opened, and the Shaanxi Youth Ice Hockey Open has been held four consecutive, each The first team and the number of people have increased.

Especially in late November, China's ice and snow caravan is officially launched. The event passes the three modules of ice and snow, ice and snow, ice and snow equipment, and China's ice and snow culture, and the ice and snow culture. Xi'an citizens are close to the experience of experience the ice and snow. There is no doubt that the ice and snow movement is in Shaanxi in Shaanxi, and the "5 million Qin and Children participating in the ice and snow" are changing from the vision. Ji Peng

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