More important than nutrition and exercise

"People eat food is the sky", "life is in sports", eating and exercise in life is indispensable.

Throughout the whole society, most of the elderly are active every day. They have enough time to do it when they go to work, and there is no time to do everything. Walking, running, mountain climbing, training Tai Chi, dancing, street alley, park, lakeside 8%, ninety of the elderly.

Sick, old people, should be reduced, and the current situation of many old people is:

When I started exercising, my first few years was less sick, and my physical fit was strong. You can get the superhum, the more you practice, you will be able to take a variety of problems, and there is no less advanced hospital, especially cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, while exercising, while singing.

What is the actual cause?

Eating is much more important than exercise. Those people who have spoiled the body to get sick are often heavy and light. Spend a few hours a day, but eating thick tea, paying attention to light, based on vegetarian food.

1, qi and blood

People are old, blood, two loss is the common problem of the elderly. Each organ has served you for decades, and it also consumes a lot of wear.

2, digestive absorption capacity

There is still a feature of the elderly that the amount of meals is reduced, and the gastrointestinal digestion is also weakened, and the time to sleep is also reduced, so it has caused the decline in immunity after the age, which is easy to sick.

3, insufficient blood supply

The old blood loss, the reduction in blood volume, which is easy to cause the limbs of the limbs to blood supply, so the old man is relatively cold, the clothes wearing clothes are also.

After our exercise, the limbs are warmly treated because the blood supply is obviously sufficient, and the internal organs are especially heart-brain, these places with large demand for blood supply, will be relatively ischemic.

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