Langfang City National Sports Ice Snow Season starts

This newspaper's third Ice Snow Games and the National Sports Ice Snow Season of Hebei Province will be opened at the Langfang City Stadium, from 11 delegations from the counties and representatives of members of the members of the Sports Association.

This Ice Snowport will set up children group, primary school group, junior group, high school group, college group, and social group.The project sets the speed skating, roller skating, terrestrial curling, pulley, ice gyro 5 large items, fully reflecting competitive and broad participation in project and group settings.This year's Ice Snowport will directly participate in more than 2,000 people in the competition, further consolidate the foundation of the ice and snow sports in Galleries.

Up to now, campus ice and snow season has driven 981 schools in Langfang, 802,600 teachers and students directly participate in the ice and snow sports experience.Langfang City has directly driven parents to participate in the ice and snow movement through "small hand to pull the big hand".

(Peng Xiane)

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