When is it easier to get fat?5 time periods that are the most prone to fat in one day

Weight loss is not as easy as imagination, nor is it "less than eating more" "Take a mouth, take legs" will be thin, and there are many skills and methods in weight loss. Finding methods for yourself, often have a half-time.

Did you know the 5 time periods of the day, do you know? Don't pay attention, I will add fat on fat.

1, when you are too lazy to get up in the morning

Sleeping too much and insufficient is easy to get fat. In the morning, lazy beds will inevitably affect your breakfast time. Many people are often eaten together for more time, often eat early, so long, it will seriously affect the new metabolism of the human body. It seems that it is not eating, the calorie intake is less, but in fact your metabolism has slowed down.

The best time for breakfast is 7-9 points, generally don't exceed 9 points. Breakfast is best based on protein food. For example, milk, eggs, etc.

2, half an hour before lunch

After a month after the morning consumption, the energy has been consumed, and if you can't help but often eat some things, the vast majority of eat is snack. The heat of snacks is higher than the staple food, and it is simply difficult to don't want to fat.

At this time, if you are hungry, you can eat a little fruit, such as Apple. The heat is not high, and it can play a good effect.

3. Half an hour before the end of the next get off work

One day's work is about to end, at this time, you are already hungry, just want to eat it. But this eating is very easy to stop, and you will be fat when you are not careful.

This time you can chew chewing gum, or drink more water.

4, after exercise training

Sports exercise is the best way to lose weight, not only can fatten, but also plastic, get better and better. However, many people like to eat, and play "to make up" their own guise, in fact, is greedy. This is not tight, but you have a hard work, and you will come back.

Eat after exercise is definitely a big taboo for weight loss. Especially at night. Therefore, the best exercise time is not directly going to the gym after get off work, but go home to eat dinner. After half an hour, go to exercise, don't eat anything else after exercise, you can add moisture.

5, before going to bed

Eat before going to bed is definitely a taboo in the taboo in weight loss. People in sleep will slowly slow down, that is, things that eat before going to bed are not used to consume, it is easy to convert to heat storage in the human body. Even milk is preferably drinking half an hour before going to bed.

The above time period is the time segment that is the most easy to get fat in the day. Do you pay attention?

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