Urban and rural grassroots ice and snow sports is hot

Shijiazhuang Xinhua District launched a community ice and snow sports meeting and "ice and snow caravan" activities. Many community residents experience the fun of ice and snow at their doorstep. This is the community residents who experience the terrestrial ice. Shijiazhuang Xinhua District Cultural Radio and Television Sports and Tourism Bureau for map

On the basis of successful two Ice Snow Games, this year, the province, city, county (city, district) and large and medium-sized schools will continue to host the 3rd Ice Snow Games. Recently, the third ice and snow sports meeting of the school gradually gave a climax. How to host the 3rd Ice Snow Games? How to promote ice and snow exercise accelerate development? The reporter selected three samples from the county (city, district) and conducted an interview.

涞 Yuan County: Singapore Site Foundation with Fire Snow Movement

From December 3rd to 5, the third Ice Snow Sports Association Social Group pulley competition, snow football competition, alpine ski competition, short traveler, college team pulley competition, alpine ski competition, short traveler, and The Youth Group is pulled in the five ice and snow fields in Wuyuan County.

"As the housing of the third Ice Snow Games, the county party committee county government regards the important opportunity for the promotion of related competition venue as a source of ice and snow movement," Director of the Party Committee of the Education and Sports Bureau, Director of the Sports Bureau Sun Kefeng introduced that the county took the 9th event of the third Ice and Snow Games in the county, involving five competition sites, and each competition is responsible for a job project. It is now entirely used.

In February 2020, he exited Wuyuan County in the sequence of poor counties, daring to undertake the provincial ice and snow sports meeting, how thick? "

There are 13 junior, medium and high-grade snow roads in Qixiang Ski Resort, and the local people in the snow can ski at home. , As well as the Scholar County, a Siyuan County, which has just been built, let the county's non-snow season can also carry out ice and snow movement.

Zhang Tianzhu, Vice President of Wuyuan County, said that there is a row less less than a week in each class, and there is a skating class every two weeks. With pulley venue, the school also established a school puller team to carry out training.

In addition to serving our students, the school's facilities are also open to the outside. The 2021 nationwide roller slip association hosted by the Wuyuan County Sliding Association - the National Youth Sports Club League Yuanyuan Station, and the 2021 Baibao Snow League and Hebei Province Ice Sports Association Slip Competition. In recent years, the winter and summer vacation, Baoding Hunting Trek Sliding Ice Club has been training.

Wuyuan County is only a window that flouribly develops in the county's ice and snow. It is understood that the county has introduced "Ice and Snow Sports into Campus Activity Plan", which invests 5 million yuan for special funds for ice and snow movement, and vigorously implement the "five major projects" such as ice and snow movement into campus basic projects and guarantee projects. At present, the county has 2 national Ice and Snowport Characteristics Schools, 4 of Hebei Province Ice Sports Characteristic School, 15 Ice and Snow Sports School, 44,000 primary and secondary school students.

Recently, Wuyuan County Campus Ice Snow Event is hot. On November 26, the 3rd Ice Sports Association of County Second Edition; November 29, the third ice and snow sports meeting in the county, and on December 3, the third ice and snow sports meeting in the county was held ...

Social investment ice and snow venues have also strongly promoted the development of ice and snow. Wang Xiaula, president of Qixi Ski Resort, said that this year, the primary and secondary school students in Wuyuan County have come to learn ski and participate in testing has reached more than 20,000 people. Baoding City, Langfang City, and Handan City have chosen the snow sportswear skiing competition in Qixi Ski Resort.

"Based on the venue, the ice and snow movement into the campus as the main position, with the event of the event, the development of the ice and snow in Wuyuan County has entered the expressway." Sun Kefeng said, as of now, the county is 290,000 people, participating in the ice and snow. The number of sports has reached more than 100,000.

Beidaihe District: Sliding ice and snow exercise accelerated development

"Come on, come on ..." November 27, in the Olympic Avenue Park, Qinhuangdao City, the 3rd Ice Snow Games, the three-year competition of the Ice Snow Games rolled the project elementary school group competition, the small athletes, you chase me, wind and electricity The game pushed to the climax.

"The first two sessions of the Ice and Snow Games student group are only simplified in the primary school group and the secondary school group. Wang Bo, the president of the Beidaihe District Sports School, said that more and more people in the practice roller, this session is ice and snow The sports will only be divided by 3 groups of methylene in the primary school, and the number of participants is more than three times.

"We must hold two Chinese and secondary schools in the spring and autumn. The number of participants is more than 300." Wang Bo said that the number of people in the third Ice Snowport Wheel Sliding Competition has increased significantly, reaching more than 400 people.

The roller slip is a skating land training program. In recent years, the Beidaihe District has vigorously built a ribbon special brand, driving the accelerated development of ice and snow exercise. Zuode Chengcheng, director of the Education and Sports Bureau of Beidaihe District, "The Spring International Way of Beidaihe Sport" has been held in 17th, attracting more than 20,000 roller slide athletes from all over the world, and the international, There are more than 10 rounds of roller matches at all levels in the country, provinces, municipalities and districts.

While organizing events, the district actively promotes the roller skating movement into the campus, organizes all primary and secondary schools in the whole district to hold Winter Olympics and ice and snow knowledge lectures. At present, 15 primary and secondary schools in the district have the characteristic wheel cover, and the roller skating training is integrated into the sport teaching in all years, and the students who have the sleek skills have reached more than 80%. Based on the strong foundation of the roller skating, this area vigorously promotes the rounds. "The first national speed skating champion in Hebei Province came from the Beidaihe District. At the 15th Provincial Provincial Provincial Venus and the National Second Youth Sports Skating Competition, athletes from the Beidaihe District got a number of champions. As of now, we Four team members have been transported to the provincial speed skate team. "Wang Bo said they have established a roller skating and skating team of the past year, hired domestic well-known experts to serve as coaches, nearly 40 different age teams are all from all primary and secondary schools in the area. It has achieved more excellent results at all levels.

Shijiazhuang Xinhua District: Ice and Snow Movement In the community

"I sent a big use through the land curling knowledge learned by the 'Ice and Snow Caravan'." On December 2nd, Hu Aunt, who lives in Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City, laughed and told reporters. Little granddaughter participated in the school to welcome the winter and painting competition, and received the school three prizes under her "Staff".

September this year, Xinhua District has vigorously launched a community ice and snow sports meeting and "ice and snow caravan" activities. In the West Sanzhuang Street Tianjin Community, residents actively participate in the experience; in the form of the fifth station held by the Tehua Street community in the streets, in the form of experience, competition and interaction; the ninth station will enter Ning'an Street North The new street community, the site setting 4 body test area and ice and snow knowledge promotion display area ... like Hu Aunt, many community residents in the area learned the knowledge of ice and snow at the door of the house, and I have passed the ice and snow addiction.

"After determining the event time and program, the association and community will have extensive propaganda through WeChat group, the bulletin board, etc., attract the masses to participate, generally three or four hours, the uncle, the big mother and the children participate in enthusiasm Wang Shujun, chairman of Xinhua District Ice and Snow Sliding Association, said that they have completed 15 communities, 11 schools of ice and snow sports promotion work, and they are pushing into the ice and snow sports.

Liu Bin, Director of Xinhua District Cultural Radio and Television Sports and Tourism Bureau, said that the community ice and snow sports meeting combined with the "ice and snow caravan", not only guiding the masses through the offline activities, but also spreads the ice and snow sports. Up to now, Xinhua District Ice Sports into community activities have been carried out in 115 games, and the participants of the ice and snow experience have reached 467,000, and the ice and snow movement is getting rooted in the community.

It is reported that the Xinhua District will solidly promote the masses of ice and snow movement further, based on the promotion of 103 community promotion in the whole district, actively carry out the "six" demonstration sites "six one" demonstration sites in Hebei Province, and promote the reflection of ice and snow. stand up.

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