Sharing sports in vitality campus

The public enjoys a happy football in the stadium in Yuci, Cao Wei.

"Feel the campus vitality and vitality, exercise, is a unparalleled thing." On December 15th, on the plastic runway of Yuci, a stadium opened in the outside, the citizen Wang Qi was slowly, and he was pleasant.

With good, useful, use live campus sports facilities, give full play to the role of educational facilities to serve the society, is the key initiative of the municipal party committee and the municipal government to build the fitness circle, convenience, benefit, benefit people around the public. The Municipal Administration of Urban Administration adopts multi-channel, more measures to meet the needs of public fitness, so that the quality fitness environment has become the standard of citizens' lives.

Recently, some sports facilities have been opened in 32 primary and secondary schools in the city. It has formed a public fitness network pattern that is mainly supported by the park supporting and fitness facilities. Sports facilities maximize the needs of public fitness, and effectively enhance the happiness and feelings of the public.

"I have no available venues in the past, I can only run in the sidewalk, now I am fine, Yuci, the stadium is close to the home, the venue is okay, as long as I have time after dinner, I will come to 'Solve', one day The tiredness is swept away, and the books of the campus will be young. "Wang Qi lived in the city of Wenjinyuan Community. He said that during the holidays, the campus stadium is idle, and now the municipal party committee, municipal government Do practical affairs for the masses, open the stadium to become a good place for public fitness exercises.

In the past few days, the Municipal Urban Administration adheres to the high-quality development of high-quality urban management services, fully implementing the "six-way one improvement" project, focusing on urban management, and playing a set of convenience for the people "combination". According to the "three open three not open" principles (ie, there are independent event places, there are all schools with complete fitness facilities, management system standards; do not meet the conditions for opening sports facilities, special education or boarding schools, and undertake corresponding practice teaching Schools of training tasks are not open to the outside), check in 40 primary and secondary primary and secondary schools in urban areas, and finally determine if there is a total of 32 school sports facilities, the wrong peak is open to the outside, and it should be opened.

During the period, in order to ensure the orderly opening of the campus sports facilities, the bureau will be related to the city and district education bureaus, in the mid-Yuci No. 2, the first-minded registration, the card will take the first to open sports facilities, and take the initiative to explain Policy, patient propaganda, and in-depth mobilization, some schools have worked on some of the students' safety, epidemic prevention and control, campus safety and other concerns. At the same time, under the whole mobility of each primary and secondary school, according to the actual school, one school is a policy, classification, and make full use of the school, after school, holiday time, actively create favorable conditions, and ensure that sports facilities in accordance with the Open Conditional School to the masses open.

In order to make the most of the public use, Yuci No. 1 Middle School, Yuci Second, Yuci District Experimental Primary School, etc. Safety. At the same time, the Municipal Urban Administration has improved the gardens and markets such as Yuci Second, Yuci, and the environments around the entrance and exit of the Yucheng District Experimental Primary School, and strive to create a good fitness environment for the public.

Nowadays, the morning of the gorgeous morning, with the evening of the sun, there is always a campus for three or two two and two to enter the campus stadium, accompany youth, enjoy the sports. (Jin Zhongshi Evening News reporter Yan Xiaoyuan Yan Shujuan)

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