Winter Olympics Ice Sports

Ice Hockey is a kind of mutual confrontational competitive sports that use ice knife and ice hockey rod to tools, composed of two small children and women, independent winter in international sports. Sports project. Ice hockey motion is present in sports projects such as football, hockey and speed. According to research, modern ice hockey moves from Canada. In Canada's British Student W. F Robertson, it is very good, and he moved the hockey that learned during the British study, moved to ice, and combined with the "Rocus ball" characterized, it created a new new year in 1783 Ice exercise - ice hockey.

Short track speed skating, full name short runway speed skating, is a snort in ice on a shorter runway. At the beginning of the 20th century, short track speed was gradually widely carried out in Europe and the Americas. In 1975, the International Skating Alliance established a short runway speed skating technology committee. Since 1981, the World Short Track Speed ​​Sliding Championship is started. In 1988, the short traveler was first listed as a Winter Olympic performance project in the Calgary Winter Olympics. In 1992, the Shootway Speed ​​was columnized as a formal competition project in 1992.

The figure skating originated in the 18th century, after successive in Germany, North America. In 1892, the International Ice League was formally established in Switzerland and developed the project's competition rules. In 1872, Austria held a picture skating competition in 1872. In 1882, the Austrian figure skating player Ferreyi and his wife were jumped after the Vienna Ice Stretcher, and I was born with a double slip. In 1896, the first World Men's Single Tang Skating Championship was held in Petersburg, Russia. In 1990, the Asian skating joint was founded. The figure skating is one of the ice sports projects.

Speed ​​Skating is a snill with a ice knife for tools on ice. It belongs to skating movements in international sports. It refers to the skating competition, referred to as a speed-free game, referred to as a speedy, and is a formal competition for the Winter Olympics. The athlete is sliding on the ice surface, and the cutting edge of the ice knife is swattered into a solid support point, and the legs are passed through the legs, the legs, under the knife, slide into the action, and the whole body coordination.

Alpine Skiing is the main appliance with ski board, snow shoe, holder and ski stick, from the mountain, along the hill, walk down the snow, slide down the snow, slide down the snow. Olympic alpine skiing men's project, women's project, mixed items. Among them, the men's projects and women's projects have slipstown, rotation, big turn, super big swivel, all 5 small items, mixed items are mixed groups. Among them, the slipsture and the super large return velocity project are ranked from one sliding performance. From 1936, the mountain ski is listed as a Winter Olympics competition project.

Off-road skiing is a sports program that slides in the Snowy Snowland with basic techniques such as hiking, slipstock, turn, sliding, etc. Cross-country skiing originated from Nordic, also known as Nordic skiing, one of the oldest sports projects in the history of world sports. In 1924, I was first included in the Winter Olympic Games. 1973-1974 season, men's World Cup Cross-country Ski Championships successfully held, Women's World Cup Off-road Ski Championship starts from the 1978-1979 season

Ski Jumping is a ski board as a tool, in the exclusive trip, with its own weight through the spending of the slope than the skip distance and the action posture. It is an independent branch of skiing and is listed as skiing in international sports. The skiing skiing originated in Norway in the 19th century, in 1924, the skiing skiing was listed as a Winter Olympic Games; 1976, the International Ski Federation decided to change the standard slope and the large-scale slope to K90 and K120 respectively from K70 and K90. In 1982, Jilin City established a ski team. In 1984, China held a first time to jump on the skiing competition.

Freestanding skiing is a ski board and ski sticks for tools, on a special ski resort, a snow competitive project for completing a series of regulations and optional actions. It is developed on the basis of alpine skiing, which is made of aerial skills, snow skills and three independent small items on snow ballet. Since 1992, men, women's single snow skills are listed as Winter Olympics competition projects. 1988 and 1992 were included in the Winter Olympics Performance Project. Freestanding ski Ski Ski Ski is an International Ski Federation, headquartered in Bern, Switzerland. China's Supreme Organization is China's Ski Association, headquartered in Beijing.

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