DacomeExplore-E60 bone conduction Bluetooth headset sports equipment


Bone conduction Sports Bluetooth headset is already our daily and sports pursuit products, because there are many advantages in bone pass, including non-hearing, uncomfortable, open and ear, maintain awareness of the external environment, no ear Will not deposit a large amount of bacteria in the ear canal due to the sweating of exercise, compared to the ear headset, the hearing damage is smaller by bone conduction. Therefore, bone conduction can be quickly popular. However, the price of true bone conduction on the market is relatively expensive, but today Xiaobian brings a gods Dacom E60 bone conducted sports headphones, this headset pricing 299.

[Out of the box]

I have evaluated Dacom's more headphones. The style of their family's style is still very different, and the front of the headphones has been along the front of the earphones, which makes people know more about the earphones wear effect. In addition, it is actually the appearance of the sports headset. The model can highlight the positioning of the headphones. I feel that this packaging design is also very good, directly showing wearing effects and wearing scenes.

The back of the headphones can be seen, the headphones can be seen as other sports headphones, but this packaging is likely to open the headphones, and can see the six major headphones Features, respective: 1. Bone conduction, the sound passed directly to the ear. 2. IPX7 level waterproof, this level can be swimming. 3. Wear is firm and not easy to move off. 4. Dynamic / standard scene mode switching. 5. Call noise reduction, clear communication. 6.8 hours long battery life.

Open the headset packaging, you can see the headset is not fully expanded, so it is possible to put down this headset, and on the other hand, the connection of this headset is very soft, not other sports headphones use fixed bends like Personally prefer this soft line, which is more convenient to use.

Remove all products, you can see that the list of products includes: headphones, manual, charging data cable, ear cap. The instructions are not described herein. The instructions of this headset use a multi-language synchronous translation. The data cable can also see the design model from the above picture. It is also very unique.

View the outside of the headset can see the external design of the headphones is also very fashionable, rich in technology and sports elements. The outside of the headphones is designed according to the pipeline, and after many years of sports headphones appeared, the Dacom E60's headphones appearance.

Look at the appearance of the headphones, you can see the front of the headset is composed of two parts, one is the sound of the headset and the control unit, and the other part is the ear hanging portion of the upper headset, which is very soft than the previous use. A lot of comfort is comfortable. The earphones of this headset did not feel uncomfortable.

In turn, see the inside of the headphones, you can see the model of the headphones can see the model of the headphones, Made in China, and the words designed by Dacom, and can see the part of the earphone earnest design with the design of the hole. This design is better to keep the earphones and ear wear anastomosis.

The interior of the other earphone has a design of the charging interface. Outside the charging interface can see the design of the rubber dust cover, so that the charging interface of the earphone can be dustproof. But it is recommended to change to the Type-C interface or direct step in place, using magnetic charging, which can improve the waterproofing power of the earphone.

Remove the ear cap, you can find that there is only one iron on the top of the headphones. This is the advantage of the bone conduction headphones. It is not to pass the sound hole. It is to pass the sound into the ear. There is a hole in the above, it is estimated to be a fake bone conduction. Most. It is also possible to see the charging interface of the headset is very works.

The side of the headphones can see the control button of the headset, with volume, volume reduction, and switch button, which can see the control buttons of the headset are highlighted, indicating that this headset uses a physical press button, this The advantage of pressing the button is the feedback of the button. Also, it is relatively practical, anti-misconduct.

The headphone cable is very soft, it can be seen that the headphone cable can be wrapped, which is where I like this sports headset, other sports headphones are very inconvenient, large. This headset's wire is thick and soft, and it doesn't have to worry about the storage, and it is very worn. Also a soft wire wear is also very comfortable.

There is an indicator light on the front of the headphones, and you can see that this indicator is designed very small. From the safety side, this headset's indicator light can adjust to the night running light, so if you like the night run more intimate, Make the night safer.

Headphones are also very convenient. After booting, you can find Explore-E60 directly to search for Bluetooth, and you can enjoy it. I personally tested this earphone, and it is very good in sound quality. After wearing a very good look, the phenomenon will not be dropped vigorously.


Dacom Explore-E60 bone conduction Sports Bluetooth headset overall appearance is stylish atmosphere, the soft rubber package used in the ear, it is very comfortable after wearing, and the ears will not be painful, this sports headset is a real bone conduction, but vibration moduleIn the ear, it is recommended to improve it again.Overall, this headset is very recommended, 299 can have a true bone conduction experience.What is worth buying app all net shop shopping prices

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