Can strenuous exercise really wake up?

Can you see a lot of sweating? French sports coach Shangkeni said, "The idea of ​​consuming alcohol through sweating is wrong." Sports after excessive drinking will only make the heart rate rise, the body's metabolism is running high-speed, and there is no effect on purifying hazardous substances. Because before drunken, the body has absorbed alcohol. Dr. Christopher said that "90% of the intake of drinks is transported to the liver for metabolism, only 10% is excreted by urine, breathing and sweating. And exercise sweating is unable to produce this process."

It is well known that alcohol has the effect of dehydration. Shangkeni said that after ingesting a large number of alcohol, muscles and tendons were dehydrated from alcohol, and the brain was already in a state of waking up. It is especially not to pay for a severe movement to avoid harm or cause more serious consequences. Dr. Christopher added that drunken movements are easy to cause muscle injury, tendonitis, cardiovascular disease, sprain or fall. Although there is no drunk in the next day, alcohol's impact will continue to last, and sports activities are still inappropriate.

Two experts suggested that according to specific drinking, at least 24 hours to 48 hours can be exercised. This time is extremely important for the body to recover from drunkenness. Of course, the more reluctant activities are complete, such as cycling, walk, swimming slowly, doing yoga. These activities can not only restore their body, but also keep people comfortable, and they are refreshed.

Guo Hiwen Wang Tao (taken from around the global network)

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