I exercise my health.

On December 11, 202, Qujing Hengshui Experimental Middle School launched the 5th Winter Games.

Under the shine of the sun, the game is very brilliant, the sports and healthy body use that height, and it is a height, and how can you know if he is a strong person.

Beyond yourself, we can create a new world!

Sports athletes come on!Go to create a miracle and create a surprise!

The sports will showcase students' youthful style, which is the specific practice of test physical fitness and psychology.It works with physical strength, activated is life, promoting personality and youthful vitality, harvesting is a smile and spiritual style.All players played a score in this session, and the style of the game, carried forward the first spirit of friendship, the second spirit of the game, looking for more brilliance and dreams in the game, create more beautiful in the game.

High school 68 class

Cao Tao Lin

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