Multi-sports can improve lung capacity

We often say that life is moving, if it is not exercising for a long time, although it is good to eat, the muscles will slowly degrade. In the long run, it will inevitably cause health problems.

Everyone is not the same, some people choose to run, some people choose to go to the gym to do equipment, yoga is a high-frequency option for many girls.

Although it looks great, the part of the human body needs to exercise is actually certain.

The first is to act in the joints. The original use of the human gluten joint is activity. If there is a lack of exercise, the level of action is reduced, and it is easy to degenerate early.

Second, it is to pay attention to the muscle exercise. The muscles of the human body are contraction, the more energy supply, the less efficient, the lower the efficiency, the benefits of constant exercise is to make the muscles have more special opportunities to play its effectiveness.

The increase in cardiopulmonary function is exercise. The heart is a constant movement to enhance its function, the more practice, so if you don't make your heart more opportunities, the health of the heart will definitely be affected; in addition, the exercise is the best way to enhance lung function The oxygen needed by our whole body is supplied by the lungs. If it is not exercised, its lung capacity is always limited.

Enhanced resistance is the main reason why our school is working in school when he is at school. There is enough exercise to improve the overall function of your body, strengthen resistance and soothing spiritual pressure. Exercise can increase the body's metabolic efficiency, better than people who don't exercise.

In addition, many people have insomnia, and the proportion of people who love sports will decrease. This is not to say that the sports itself can sleep, just the body is tired, so sleep better. When the day work is consuming physical fitness, but our daily work (especially white-collar workers working in the office) is less expensive, it is difficult to sleep.

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