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"The wind passes through the bamboo, the geese is scratched, only time, daydays." Time is like a vintage tape drive, and the general clip is a lot of jets. With a burst of song and dance, the 5th Sports Culture Art Festival in our school began.

A show, a dance is full of opening ceremony, with gratitude to the teacher, has a commitment to the parents, interpretation of the history of the motherland. Our High Secondary Department showed the spirit of "Red Boat, Aerospace, Olympics, and Epretation". The history of the history is thick and clear, run through the entire long Chinese, the hardships of the ancestors will not forget, we will adhere to the spirit of the ancestors, with the morning fog, the Mountain River, the fireflies, and increase the cause of the party .

The afternoon sports will be exciting, and the sports athletes on the court struggle to run, and sweat. Juvenile's sense of enthusiasm, passion, add color to the class, leaving the most precious memories for youth.

When every ordinary life creation, struggle is unprecedented, and the water of the tricks can also gather in the troisity of the era. The dream journey of the Chinese nation will be invincible. The future of the motherland will be the future! Sports and health work hard. Let life bloom in motion, come on, you are the best.

The evening wind plastically stepped on the clouds, the moon is flourishing, the flashing lights in the harbor, like a colorful fireworks, splashing the world. The Fifth Sports Culture Art Festival of Qujing Hengshui Experimental Middle School ended successfully.

High school 67 class

Shi Fan

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