King of aerobics!Running 11 amazing benefits to health

Everyone knows how to run the health, but how many benefits do you know how to run? We organize 11 running an amazing benefits. If you haven't hateful, you can consider investing this CP value of super high movement; if you are a runner, continue! And regard this text as the speech when the pit is running.

1. Good to heart function

A study published in JACC journal showing that there is a long-lasting and rupture of running habits to die from cardiovascular disease, which is from half of running habits. Recently, a study published in BMJ has found that only less than 50 minutes per week (that is, 5-10 minutes a day) running, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease death by 30%.

2. Runner's pleasure

Runner's high is true! When you run, the brain will secrete two greatly pleasant chemicals: endorphins and endogenous cannabinoids. Everyone should know that it is to relieve painful and stress, bring pleasure to "happiness chemical elements"; and the latter you have not mistisred! In chemistry, endogenous cannabinoids are different from marijuana, which is similar to the feeling of marining marijuana, in addition to reducing anxiety and pain sensitivity, and bringing the runner pleasure.

3. Consumption of heat

Many people use running to lose weight, running on 60 kilograms for 30 minutes, can consume 246 large card calories (this value is different from each person's physical condition and the base metabolic rate, and the topographic slope and wind direction are different). Although running is not the highest movement of heat, it can improve the "resellual effect" compared to other low-intensity exercises, so that the body will continue to consume oxygen after stopping exercise, and heat to fat burning; and its input threshold The lowest, high convenience, becoming the first choice for many people's exercise to lose weight.

4. Good bone joint

Don't say that running the knees! A study on 100,000 runners and pedestrians found that running does not increase the risk of osteoarthritis, even if it is routinely running the full-deputy marathon. Further, studying that the possibility of runners with knee jointitis is half of the pedestrians. The research results are surprising. In fact, when the runner is in the correct posture, it is put pressure on the bones and cartilage, let them rebound more and powerful; but walk, flywheel aerobics, swimming and other sports There is no running bone benefit from run.

5. Training the body's largest muscle group

Leg muscle is the largest muscle tissue population in the human body, not only helping to move, can help the human blood circulation, protect the knee and slimming, because of this, the thigh muscle can be said to be your second heart. Running to the inner and outer side of the thigh, hip muscle, four muscles, thighs (stem muscle) and calf (gastric mushing muscles and) can be trained.

6. Good for core muscles

Running is not only helpful to the leg muscles, if the posture is correct, running the core muscles. Whether you want to challenge six muscles, abdominal muscles, and deeper core muscles, including abdominal muscles, vertical bracus, abdominal muscle, and running can help, and promote these deep muscles to stabilize the spine.

7. Let the focus concentrate

Many runners will find that they can think about and solve problems when they are running, which is taken from the work environment where busy pressure is large, and they can help restore spirit and insight. More and more research confirmed that meditation can increase the brain responsible for the "gray" quantity of information in-depth information, improve attention, and fight melancholy and anxiety.

8. Enhanced Memory

Studies have shown that aerobic exercises such as running regular runs can increase the number of "gray", and the brain is responsible for the "sea horses" volume of "sea horses" positioned by the brain, and further exercise the brain area of ​​the language. That is, if you run, you may find the words you want to express, reducing the first old phenomenon of "I have forgotten" in the mouth.

9. Run with the heart, help empty

It can be thought about when running, it can be emptied. Experts pointed out that the study curve at running will not be so much physical activity, such as dance group, weight training, crossfit or yoga. On the other hand, running is not like a swimming, it is a natural movement, so you don't need more thinking before running, it is a "talk about it".

10. Promote social participation

The road runs, the cross-country runs, and the running circle can be said to be a strong community. Now there are different distant runners, not only to find like-minded runners, a good atmosphere makes you feel warm, and get your physical and mental support, and the benefits of the runner cannot be estimated.

11. Can be extended in a short period of time

The study mentioned in the first benefit, you don't have to run the whole horse, halfturs can make yourself beer more than a few years old. In fact, as long as you run less than 50 minutes per week (ie 5-10 minutes per day, it is equivalent to 5 kilometers per week), it can reduce the risk of 27% of the overall death risk; and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%, all types The risk of cancer death is reduced by 23%. And everyone knows that the top two major killers before the death of the people are being cardiovascular disease and cancer.

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