Spring selection exercise health, these sports are more suitable!

Winter cold weather makes it hoped that the people who have you had to exercise, the spring arrival, the temperature will gradually pick it up, many people come to the outdoor sports, exercise for a long time, and feel the rich breath.

In spring outdoors, you need to pay attention to it. Today, come to talk about things that are suitable for sports and exercise should pay attention to.


Spring fit exercise

√ Jogging

The various functions of the spring have gradually turned to active by the winter "winter", so the exercise that just started should not choose too fierce, so as not to cause the body to cause a burden, it has not reached the fitness purpose. Side effects.

Spring outdoor sports choice jogging is very suitable, spring weather conditions are relatively warm and comfortable, while feeling the flowers of spring, it is a very good way to exercise, not only can improve the body, but also happy .

√ spring tour

In the spring, everyone will first think of being a spring tour. You can get close to nature, feel the fen's savings from the spring, away from life and work, so that your body and mind are relaxed, long-lasting body can also work out, and it is very suitable for spring Outdoor movement.

√ climbing

The spring climbing is also an outdoor movement that many people will choose. It is an excellent aerobic exercise. For people living in urban high-rise buildings, they can feel different scenery in the outdoor climbing. The mountains are small, and the whole people can become suddenly turned out.

Although the mountain climb is a nice outdoor movement, it is also necessary to select the intensity intensity in accordance with the personal physical condition. Do some preparation activities before climbing, so as not to exercise damage to the body for a long time.


Spring outdoor sports precautions

· excercise time

The temperature difference between the morning and evening is large, the humidity is also heavy, and when the outdoor movement is selected, it is best to rise after the sun raised, the temperature is warming, and the moisture is not heavy. Outdoor movement.

· Sport moderation

The temperature in spring changes, the muscles and ligaments of the human body are in a tight state, and the body can not be very active. At this time, it is not suitable for high-intensity and exercise, and the spring movement is heavy in regulating the body function. Pursue high strength and huge exercise.

· Avoid sweating

Many people think that the effect of sports is to see how much sweat is, but in the spring outdoor sports, it is not advisable to sweat. The temperature in spring is more varied. It is easy to cause the body to be cold in the outdoor sports, which is unfavorable to the body.

Spring is a good time of health exercise. Through reasonable and healthy outdoor sports, you can enjoy a good life as you are as thriving as spring.

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