Sports more Pro - SHOKZ Excellence New Flagship Sports Headset Release

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The world's leading professional sports headphones brand Shokz excited, officially released new professional sports headphones flag ships OpenRun Pro. At the same time, the priest announced, once again joined the Chinese brand spokesperson, Marathon World Record holder Erd Kipki, launched the OpenRun PRO KP Joe's name. The founder of Excellence Technology and CEO Chen Wei, the product director Zhang Haofeng, Shokz City, the head of the Zhonghua District, Yang Yunliang on the line.

Extended sports headphones, sound for sports people

Unlike the "Bluetooth Headset", "Active Noise Reduction Headphones", "TWS Headphones", "Sports Headphones" is basically based on scene division. According to the demand for the headset according to the sports population, the waterproof and anti-sweat has become the basic characteristics of the industry consensus. On this basis, the "open listening" is the most irreplaceable value of sports earphones. Especially for outdoor movements, you need to hear music, can also perceive the outside world, open listening to the safety of the athletes, and provide no replaceable value to sports users.

The brand has been established in the past ten years, and the sports headphones are fully attacked from wearing comfort, open listening experience, protection and stability performance. Connectation, the experience of moving headphones is constantly pushing to the extreme, and the sound. The OpenRun PRO released this time, then pushes high professional sports headphones, bringing the user's more extreme experience.

Work together with top athletes and motion institutions, constantly consolidate sports genes

As a leading sports headset brand, the excitement has a large number of top partners in the industry. Marathon World Record Career Erd Kippy Qiao, Women's 50m Leading World Record Keep Liu Xiang, became the brand spokesperson of the Greater China. The fans of the priests are also widely distributed in multiple sports fields such as running, off-road, iron three, fitness.

In 2019, the top-class bicycle event in the world - the world-class bicycle competition, launched a joint headset, which is also the only cooperation between the headset industry so far and the 100-year ring law IP. In 2020, the excitement of the world-class professional road Run Club NN Running Team Greater China official partner. In 2021, the priests have become the first professional marathon club, the world's first professional marathon, the official designated sports headphones of Lesmills Laimei, China. At this conference, the excitement once again announced the news: SHOKZ Leigon Great China has become the official unique designated sports earphone in the three-level triberaries brand Ironman China.

The priority and powerful product force of the priest sports headphones makes more and more top athletes and events work together, constantly consolidate the sports genes and brand spirit of the excitement. At the same time, this also brings extremely bright market performance for excursions. In 2021, the authoritative advisory institutions Sullivan Based on China's sports earphone market, depth data research was carried out using qualitative and quantitative methods. Data show that SHOKZ Extended 2021 in China's sports headset market sales lead.

OpenRun Pro creates a new height of professional sports earphones

This release

OpenRun PRO, using the newly developed acoustic technology of the excitement of SHOKZTURBOPITCHTM low-frequency enhancement technology, the sound quality is greatly improved, bringing a better listening experience for sports users. Tuning to the gold position of the double silicon microphone, greatly enhance the voice call clarity.

In order to improve wearing comfort, OpenRun Pro combine ergonomic principles, better allocation of weight distribution, with high back elastic titanium alloy and skin silicone material, wearing comfort and upgrading. At the same time, OpenRun PRO uses a double-layer mesh structure to prevent water invasion, double nam hydrophilic coating is penetrated with water penetration, and helps users to cope with almost all exercise intensity and sports scenes.

OpenRun PRO further enhances battery life, 10 hours of battery life, support for 10 days of long standby. Added fast-filled function, can be used for 5 minutes to use 90 minutes. This product is also equipped with exclusive App, and users can make a campic operation.

Zhang Haofeng, director of Jiyin Technology, said: "OpenRun Pro is integrated into the accumulation of acoustic technology in the past few decades, and also joined the extensive innovation in other acoustic technology, so that the sound quality and call performance of the headphones reached one New height. We hope to make more users enjoy the ultimate movement and music fun through this product. "

Extended 2022 product line new upgrade

OpenRun Pro's listing price is 1298 yuan, with knight black / denim blue / grapefruit / desert yellow four colors, March 2, 18:00, the first color is the knight black. The OpenRun PRO KP Qiao-grade is expected to be on sale in late March 2022, and consumers can purchase in the official authorization channel of the Expo.

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