Health Class: Tai Chi Sports

Tai Chi is one of the traditional fitness boxes in my country. Because of its movement stretch, there is quiet, round live coherence, essence, external can be active, and the intravague can be circulated, and the organs are coordinated. Disease, deeply loved by the masses, is an effective traditional health law.

Health machinery

Tai Chi is a conscious, breathing, and action closely combined. "It is integrated with breathing and coordination of martialia, Qigong, and guided by breathing and coordination of martial arts.

He is eager to make the spirit of the spirit, practice Taijiquan to focus, exclude distractions, and converge in the inside, not by him. God is introverted "there is no thoughts in the thoughts", but the spirit is rare, the body and mind are very happy; the spirit is quiet, optimistic, and the body is smooth, the body is natural and healthy.

Gas machine to raise the body. Taijiquan uses the breathing coordination action, lying in Dan Tian to inspire the internal air operation. The lung is the main gas, the driver breathes; the kidney main is gas, the root of the Yuanqi. Lung, kidney coordination, then breathing fine, uniform, long and slow. This abdominal breathing not only enhances and improves the ventilation function of the lungs, but also benefits and kidney. Dantian gas charger, he blocked the intake of the whole body, the organs, and the flesh was to raise.

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