There are many benefits of pregnant women, and 3 major events should pay attention.

Baby health

Pregnancy exercise can reduce the chance of obesity after the baby.Studies have found that mother-in-life, mentally obese mothers, children who have birth will be obese after 7 years old, and children are prone to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other diseases.The moderate exercise during pregnancy can maintain weight, which is important for mothers and babies.

More likely to produce

Maintaining proper exercise during pregnancy can make pregnant mothers more physical strength, more powerful in childbirth, childbirth is more smooth.If you don't exercise or participate in exercise during pregnancy, then pregnant mother is prone to gestational diabetes or obesity, which will lead to difficulties in childbirth, and even need caesarean section to produce a baby.

Stay away from the disease

Pregnancy motion can balance blood sugar in maternity, avoiding diabetes or obesity in pregnant women.The study found that women who insist on proper exercise before or early pregnancy, it is not easy to suffer from the pre-eclampsia, and can help pregnant women stay away from hypertensive diseases, reduce premature birth, and the abdomen of premature birth and fetal death.

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