Ice Snow Sport Industry is in the ascendant

In May 2017, the State Sports General Administration launched the work of the Beijing Winter Olympics cross-border selection and exchange joint training athletes, marking the official start of Yunnan's competitive ice and snow movement.

More than 5 years, Yunnan cross-border across athletes compete in gold in the national competition; Beijing Winter Olympics, Yunnan Peng Qingyi, Pusher, Chen Deguan, Liu Rong Sheng 4th athlete selected the list of China on behalf of the Representative, they pioneered the country. New era of Yunnan Ice Sports. At the same time, in Yunnan, there are seven snow project athhers to be selected for domestic technical officials to contribute to the site security work in Zhangjiakou. Behind these ice and snow talents, the hard work of Yunnan sports workers, let Yunnan Ice and Snow Athletics from Nothing, from the best, write the "ice and snow" on the Yunnan plateau.

The held in Beijing Winter Olympics, Yunnan opened a new ice and snow career in this winter. The 8th National Volkswagen Ice Snow Season Yunnan Province will last until December 2022, during the event, during the event, the major ice and snow companies in Yunnan will issue 70,000 experience coupons to the public. It is expected that there will be hundreds of people. Ice and snow, participating in the ice and snow, the ice and snow moves in Yunnan to "outline" road, and gradually become new sports fashion.

China's region is wide, and ice and snow is "the taste of hometown" in the north. It turned "rare surprise" for Yunnan people. In the past, Yunnan people's concept of ice and snow also stayed only in a thin snow, and the ice and snow movement was too far away from the life of ordinary people. In recent years, in our province, our province has actively responded to the call of "South Show West Expansion". The ice and snow sports population continues to expand, and the ice and snow sports industry is in the like. The masses continue to warm the ice and snow sports demand, which promotes the promotion of ice and snow movement. In life, more and more children carry ice skates to the ice rocker, practicing flowers and skating, more and more people go to the weekend holiday, go to the ski resort, a speed and passion, such exercise is already like playing The basketball play is as common.

Sports is an important way to improve the health level of the people, while the ice and snow movement satisfies the people's future, enriching the content of the national fitness, and expanding the selection of mass fitness. According to the relevant person in charge of the General Haishan Ski Resort, the Helo Mountain Ski Resort has held a public welfare in the campus ice and snow sports training and the ice and snow promotion activities, so that more Yunnan people understand the ice and snow, feel the ice and snow movement. The relevant person in charge of Kunming Sanzi Mountain Tourism Development Co., said that the sedan mountain is a recent seasonal snow mountain in Kunming, and the winter is very suitable for ice and snow activities. In this snow season, the snow, snow, ski, snow carving and other Ice and snow projects giving the public to bring a different winter sports experience.

What is delighted is that Yunnan has expanded the "Ice and Snow Plateau Training Base", "Plateau Ice and Snow Hot Soil", "Plateau Ice and Snow Hot Soil" . The excellent performance of Yunnan Cross-border across athletes in major competitions also allowed the country to see the potential of Yunnan athletes in the ice and snow project. Yunnan took this "ice and snow train" to the future, and I look forward to the red land to bloom more beautiful ice and snow. (Yunnan Daily reporter Ying Ying)

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