Don't forget to stretch before exercise and exercise

It is known that athletes often perform dramatic movements in order to challenge their physiology, therefore often occurs. In fact, exercise will not only pull the tendon, but also can cause hair.

For those who often exercise, they feel that they are active, so they often neglect the stretching exercise before the movement, just just moving hands, waving your arms, a few minutes. What's more, I don't have warm-up exercise before exercise, which is very wrong.

When doing warm-up exercise, try to activate the whole body muscles to avoid monotonous repetitive stretching, which makes some parts frequently move, while other parts of activity is not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out comprehensive stretching before exercise to enhance the flexibility of the body and reduce accidental injuries.

In addition, the average person only remembers to stretch before exercise, and when the body is tired, just want to sit down and rest, did not think of the movement. In fact, after the exercise, although muscle soreness, it should still be repeatedly stretched, so that the muscle fiber is re-adjusted, accelerate the fatigue mitigation speed, and the muscles in the next exercise will be better.

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