Ice Snow Sports High Plateau

Ice Snow Sports High Plateau

New Gansu Gansu Daily reporter Wade

In Gannan, the unique ice and snow resources, inspiring the high enthusiasm of the plateau "fire".

Gannan Prefecture has rich ice and snow resources, and most of the local Tibetans are like a traditional sports program such as horse racing, archery, and with the housing of Beijing Winter Olympics, more and more people in the snowy plateau go out of the door, walk on the ice rink, snow field.

Recently, there are many snow projects such as the ski resort, snow, snow motorcycle, Hummer Kart, children's kart, ice and snow boat, ice buds, children's kart, ice and snow boat, Ice barefow, and children.

"This is already my third time to bring my child here to ski, every time I'm happy." Min Fu Xiang from the cooperation city came to the ski resort with his son, experience the ski cycle, snow, snow, snow Bicycle and other projects enjoy ice and snow.

The sun is slowly over, but the tourists in the Ski Resort are still unfinished. "I feel the new joy, there is a pleasure of wind and savvy!" The first time I experience the Sangjie of the Ice and Snow Dragon Boat Project excited. 21-year-old Sangjie is a student in Gansu Non-Colored Metallurgy Vocational Technical College. During the winter vacation, he and friends often experience the ice and snow movement. He frankly, speaking over the ski resort, the old year, the atmosphere is good, friends are very happy.

Wei Jian, secretary of the party committee secretary of the ancient War Town, since the opening of the ancient war ski resorts last December 18, has received more than 70,000 tourists, and the turnover exceeded 350,000 yuan. Only by nearly 20,000 visitors will receive nearly 20,000 people, the turnover is nearly 100,000 yuan, and the single-day turnover has reached 23,000 yuan.

In order to enrich the whole domain tourism content, in 2021, Gu Hai Town passed the village collective economy and the leader of self-ranging in two ways, with more than 10 million yuan, built 40 more winter ice and snow entertainment projects, and established Lin Tan County Ancient Childhood Town Town Tourism Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for developing winter tourism projects and operating ski resorts.

Now in Gannan, Ice and Snow Movement has gradually hidden, and Ice and Snow Tourism also injects new vitality for local economic development.

"The ancient World Village is adjacent to the river gold tourist line, located in the county 'ten minutes economic circle', the location advantage is very obvious, through the construction of winter ice and snow entertainment projects, currently accumulated indirectly with the ancient Town and surrounding counties, 43 people, strong The village collective economy has realized the situation of tourism and income and gain win-win.

Previously, the Gannan Prefecture Tourism Industry has a distinctive division. After entering winter, the tourists gradually become less. However, under the driving of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, people compete to experience the ice and snow movement, resulting in large-scale ice and snow consumption. The "cold" resources will gradually become "hot" economy.

"After entering the winter tourists, after the National Day, the farmhouse is basically no one. However, since the ski resort opened, the tourists experience the ice and snow project to come to the farmhouse, sing, almost full, only these two The turnover of a month has 90,000 yuan. "The old family of the Agricultural Commercial Board, Liu Xiaohong, was pleased to close the mouth.

"Ice Snow is also Jinshan Yinshan." Liu Xiaohong is the beneficiary of ice and snow economy. It is also a witness that Gannan Prefecture Winter Spring Tourism Market. Gannan Tourism is welcoming "warm winter".


Let "cold resources" become a "hot industry"

With the driving of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the enthusiasm of the public participated in the ice and snow movement was greatly excited, driving the ice and snow tourism to set foot on the path of rapid development, and became the new boost of economic development.

Green Gannan Dasi, ice and snow, ecological beauty, natural beauty, sports beauty, national beauty brings well-being to the masses, create value for society, and provide power for economic development.

Green Water Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan, and Ice Snow is also Jinshan Yinshan. At the moment, the plateau ice and snow tourism, culture, and sports and other multi-industries are achieving depth fusion. Single ice and snow sightseeing model is also quietly changing. The development of the ice and snow industry will also be expected to break the tourist development bottleneck in the plateau "short-lived, winter".

With the Dongfeng of Beijing Winter Olympics, I believe that Ice Snow Movement is booming in the snow plateau, and "cold resources" will become a "hot industry".

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