Ice and snow move toward the public

In Beijing, Beijing February 17 (Reporter Pan Junqiang) 17th, the reporter learned from the 2022 Beijing News Center "Beijing Winter Olympics participated in the Ice Skin" Theme Press: Not long ago, the State Sports General Party entrusted the National Bureau of Statistics. According to the survey, China has achieved the goal of "300 million people to participate in the ice and snow movement", the number of ice and snow sports in the country reached 346 million, the participation rate of residents reached 24.56%, and there were 654 standard ice rinks in the country, 803 indoor and outdoor Various types of ski resorts.

Implementing the "South Show West Expansion", actively guiding different regions, and has a massive ice and snow movement. Yiben is ice, Yue Xue, the development of indoor and outdoor development, promoting the interactive cooperation between the Ice and Snow Sports Region, forming a complementary and benign interaction. The Ice and Snow Movement Participates from the nation to the public, and the participation in the space from the region to the country.

Director of the General Administration of Sports General Administration said: "my country insists on expanding the ice and snow sports products and services, and strives to build the ice and snow sports service system around the people, establish and improve the development mechanism of the masses of ice and snow. By continuously reducing the threshold participating in the ice and snow movement Everyone wants to participate, can participate, the ice and snow sports environment that is willing to participate. "

"People's Daily" (February 18, 2022)

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