Touching the jump and helps the child grow tall

Let the child grow up is the concern of each parent. Here is a few movements, which can stimulate the cartilage hyperplasia to help children grow higher.

Suspend. With horizontal bars or door frames, the height is hanging on the bumper, and the toe just leaves the ground. Both hands, the spacing is slightly larger than the shoulder width, the two feet are closer, and the body is swing before and after the extension. The body is trying to relax, keep 20 seconds. The boy did 10 ~ 15 times, the girl did 2 to 6 times.

Jumping high. In the case of running, you can jump or in place, as much as possible of the object. When you jump up, use your hands to touch the pre-set object, which can be a branch or basketball basket. Both feet jump and do 30 times. Take a break, the left and right feet are separately jumped, the method is the same. According to your own situation, exercise a certain number of times a day.

jump rope. When skipping, the legs are not jumping, and the arms are constantly swinging, and they are ideal for young children who grow and grow. Not only beneficially, but also makes the child's bone development more well, and the reaction is more flexible.

It is worth noting that skeletal development is from longitudinal pressure, but too strong pressure (weight, etc.), but the bones are difficult to grow in portrait. Therefore, gymnastics, weightlifting, etc. is best to avoid in the growth stage. (Qu Jing)

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