Sharing ice and snow movement

The various events in Beijing Winter Olympics are in hot progress. Above the ice, the athletes of the countries go beyond the limit, surpassing the fierce competition, fully demonstrating the charm of the ice and snow movement. In addition to the venue, the Winter Olympics adds a fire to the national ice and snow movement, and inspires the whole people, driving the ice and snow movement into a national motion.

When Beijing Applied 2022 Winter Olympics, China made a solemn promise - "300 million people participated in the ice and snow movement." Today this goal has come from the vision to reality. At present, China's participation in ice and snow movement has reached 346 million, "hot economy" effect on "cold ice" has gradually emerged, especially in this Tiger's New Year, "Years" has added a strong "Winter Olympics". taste".

I have to go to skiing before, and there may be a few snow fields in the country. Since there are room for choosing, many ski enthusiasts choose to go abroad ski. Sign in short, lack of ice, deficiencies, become a significant short board that restricts the healthy development of ice and snow sports in my country.

In these years, the state has vigorously promoted the comprehensive improvement of the health of the Chinese nation, realizing the coordinated development of people's health and economics, and the domestic ice and snow movement gradually warmed.

From the supply side, the infrastructure such as snow field, ice rink is increasingly rich, forming a large number of quality products, which not only meets the demand for ice and snow sports enthusiasts, but also promotes the thriving of the ice and snow industry and snow tourism.

In February 2021, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the National Development and Reform Commission, the three departments of the State Sports General Administration issued the "Ice and Snow Tourism Development Action Plan (2021-2023)". In the national 10 ice and snow tourism boutique lines previously released from the Culture and Tourism, "Ice and Snow Jing, Winter Olympics" is a complete winter, covering the national speed slide, Shougang ski, Shijing Long Ski Resort , Badaling Ski Resort, Genting Ski Square, Chongli District National Touring Ski Center, Chongli National Tourism Resort, Ice and Snow Culture Museum, etc. After the end of Winter Olympia, these venues will be open to the public to meet the one-stop Winter Olympics of tourists.

Food around the ice and snow, west, ice rink, snow ice equipment, small to sports appliances, protective equipment, etc., domestic ice and snow industry division of labor is increasingly refined. With the success of the Winter Olympics, the ice and snow movement is more accelerated. According to statistics, there are 654 standard ice ringers and 803 ski resorts from north to south. This data increased by 317% and 41% respectively from the beginning of 2015 China.

Today, the ice and snow movement extends from the whole trend in the north and south and the total age. Take the Dongfeng of the Winter Olympics, the ice and snow movement will further fly into the home of the usual people. The charm of competitive sports will introduce strong energy into the popular ice and snow, promote the popularization of ice and snow, popular, and realize the participation of the whole people, and share. (Li Wanxiang)

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