Guangdong Street Dance Sports Association established

On the afternoon of February 28, the First Member General of the Guangdong Provincial Street Dance Sports Association was held in the meeting room of the 5th Floor, Social Sports and Training Competition Center, Guangdong Province. Mai Liang, deputy director of the Guangdong Sports Bureau, Liu Guilin, Huang Xianlin, director of the Guangdong Social Sports Center, director of the Guangdong Social Sports Center, Guangdong Social Organization Administration, attended the establishment meeting.

The General Assembly considers the "Election Measures" and "Association of Articles of Association" and elect the first Council and supervisors from the Guangdong Street Dance Sports Association: Xu Wei, president of Guangdong Sports Vocational and Technical College; Xu Zhongqiu, Li Biyun, Huang Yizhen, Chen Xun Jun, Tian Yujun, Huangshan, Liao Yizhen is a vice president; Du Yi is the Secretary General.

Under the new situation of the street dance "into the Olympics, enter the Asian Games, into the Asian Games, into the National Games", the street dance movement has received extensive attention in China, as one representative of the young and trendy competitive sports projects. I am deeply loved and sought after by young people. Over the years, Guangdong Province has served as a street dance sports, there is a good street dance culture and the masses, and the first provincial street dance tournament is held in China. The establishment of the Guangdong Street Dance Sports Association is compliant, compliant with the trend, adapting to the law, and will promote the extensive popularity and long-term development of the Guangdong Street Dance Sports.

Mai Liang said at the establishment meeting, after the establishment of the Association, the association must strictly follow the provisions, strengthen the internal management of the industry; establish a street dance industry standard, actively expand the street dance culture; serve the national fitness, serve the people, serve the members, and dance the street dance Do a strong bigger.

Xu Wei said that the establishment of the association has been strongly supported and helped by all walks of life. I hope that more young people can join the street dance in the future, struggle for the street dance. The Association will continue to develop innovation in accordance with the association, adhering to the principle of service as the principle, and carefully prepare for the various levels of events at all levels, contribute more strength to Guangdong Province. (More news, please pay attention to Yangcheng

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Liu Yi

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