Sports damage concept

Sports Maple refers to the physiological law of sports, regulating physical attitude and movement of physical fitness or organ anatomy, etc.As a social sports instructor, understand the cause, law, treatment effect, rehabilitation time, etc., not only can effectively prevent the occurrence of exercise damage, but also to improve movement conditions, improve teaching and fitness

Methods, improve the fitness effects to provide scientific basis and practice guidance.

Second, the classification of sports injuries

Classification of sports injuries is conducive to strengthening social sports instructor's understanding of injuries in order to adopt effective measures for prevention and treatment.It can be classified according to the severity, damage to the injury, damage to the tissue, and slow chronicity, etc., to achieve the most guiding significance for social sports instructor, and is divided into light, medium and severe injury.It does not affect the training or lack of treatment for mild injuries within 1 week, lack of 1 to 3 weeks is moderate injury, and lack of 3 weeks or more severe damage.

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