Beding - sports car sedan

Ping 05 does not care about the appearance or performance, it belongs to a more fascinating model. The catency 05 can be said to be the ultimate design, main design, exercise, quality, from the design, power control to the interior materials from the design.



As a SUV model of the main movement, the packet 05 is equipped with the same power assembly as 03+, Drive-e T5 turbocharged engine with love letter 8-speed handletter, strong power to make the leader 05 hundred Bus acceleration is only 6.7 seconds. The driver is divided into two drives and four-wheel drive versions, and the four-wheel drive version is equipped with Borg Warner's fifth-generation intelligent four-wheel drive system.

Leak 06 is the youngest member in the leader, which is also positioned as compact SUV. The hard strength of packet 06 and function, safety, technology, and "Starting the luxury" have brought high-value car experience for young urban ethnic groups. It is also a young population that focuses on personality, trend and function. Biking 06 first equipped with smart driving assistance system, roll protection system, deep forest five-heavy air intelligent purification system, several large black technology, comprehensively enhance intelligence and safety.



The leader 06 uses a new set of style. As a young man's first SUV, 06 model interior is full of technology and intelligence, medium control screen uses a 10.25-inch suspended touch screen, 4-core processor brings smooth and fast operations for drivers Experience, the shift lever uses a highly designed yacht type.

The pilot 06 is equipped with the power combination of Drive-E1.5TD-7DCT, the maximum output power 177 horsepower, the maximum output torque 255 Nm. The chassis also uses the front McFesson's multi-linkable independent suspension system, and the only model in the same level model is used in the form of this suspension.

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