How to stick to sports?

The best self-discipline, I will get better early, love yourself.

From the previous month, I insisted on sports cards in the group, one and a half months, and the exercise has a lot before comparing.

Because the baby is compared to compare, it has chosen a more flexible and convenient skipping rope and kick.

Sometimes I want to be lazy, but because everyone is tacky together, I don't have a little point that I can't say, so I will do it.

I found that you want to stick to the exercise, every day's task is not too high, such as skipping, some people have jumped 2-3 thousand every day, I now jump 500 every day, I have a slight pressure, if I let me up with 2-3 thousand I will definitely run.

In addition to jumping rope, many things are the same, in short, it is necessary to scare yourself.

In addition, if it is not enough, it can be done twice or even three times. If there is no pressure, it is easier to stick!

Today's fragmentation is here, good night!

- END -

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