How to choose sports headphones, cost-effective sports headphones recommended

As a person who likes to run, I have been looking for a suitable headset, from the first wired headset to the later wireless Bluetooth headset, from the headset to the ear to the ear, try all kinds of headphones, There is also unsuitable for sports, combined with my experience, I recommend several headphones that are very suitable for sports.

1. South Car Runner Pro 3 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

In addition to in addition to the ear, neck-mounted headphones, in the sports headphones, that is, bone pass-by-headset. Because it is not common in life, in addition, the special way is called "black technology" by the user. Bone conduction is a represented brand is Nank South Card Headset, with bone vibrators, is currently domestic bone conduction TOP1 brand.

South Card Runner Pro3 is unique, which is from 97 engineers from the South Card. After 197 day and night analysis and innovation, the design of hanging ears not only enhancing the role of identity, but also more ergonomic design sports. Can be firmly worn on the ear during the process.

South Card Runner Pro3 uses new Bluetooth 5.2, which reduces power consumption and stability, also supports multi-point connection technology, 10 hours of long-lasting, IPX8 waterproof can be swim, but also intimately prepared 16G storage for swimming users However, there is no blue-tobacid signal without a Bluetooth signal without interrogation, which is the product of high-end technology integration.

2. Iron triangle CLR100BT Bluetooth sports headphones

Recommended reason:

The CLR100BT is the introduction of the Iron triangle to the Bluetooth headset, which is very good. In terms of sound quality, the iron triangle has been consistently characterized, and the medium and high performance is clear and bright, used to listen to the female voice is quite appropriate. The weight is only 16.5g, the wea is comfortable, and the magnetic design does not support automatic suspension, but it has also improved the convenience of storage, avoiding the problem of earphones slipping, and its colorful and energetic, and sports are also very fit.

3. Senhe Sel CX Sport Bluetooth sports headphones

Recommended reason:

Supports both Bluetooth codes of APTX and AAC, and it is good. The low frequency of CX Sport is deep, and the hierarchy is strong but does not hinder the main, the intercourse is highlighted and full, and the atmosphere is obvious, but there is a more obvious stethoscope effect. CX Sport is hanging, the weight is only 15g, adds the shark fin, wearing comfort, the battery life is 6 hours, although not long but charging is only 1.5 hours, support fast charge. CX Sport can connect two devices at the same time, only supporting waterproof.

4. Samsung Galaxy BUDS Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

Samsung Galaxy BUDS compared with the front-see Gear Iconx 2018, the volume is smaller, the weight is lighter, and the single life is 11 hours. It has twice the AIRPODS, and the wireless charging is also supported, and the Samsung mobile phone can be quickly paired, obtained Playing window and setting interface, custom sound and touch function, etc., Galaxy Buds + although there is no active noise reduction function, there is a fast ambient sound, long press the touch panel to turn on receiving external ambient sounds, is also convenient.

5. Philips A6606 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

Night running light design, open LED lights, safety lighting, display positions at night, to ensure safety. Headphones built-in 15mm bone passage residues with open acoustic structures, bringing a broad space sensation, allowing you to enjoy the shocking bass effect.

IP67 depth dust-proof waterproof certification, can completely prevent dust from entering the headset, no fear of sweat in outdoor sports, even if rainy days can be used normally.

6. South Card Runner CC 2 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

Recommended reason:

South Card Runner CC2 once as the price "Butcher" in the bone conduction sports earphone, in the consumer's mouth, there is a good review in the mouth, and after the birth is, it is more sought after by consumers.

It is understood that this bone-drive sports earphone uses the flagship model using the flagship model, full enclosed structure, and the waterproof performance has risen, and it has reached IPX6, which is ergonomic. The design is not only comfortable, even if strenuous exercise will not fall. Adopt advanced 5.0 Bluetooth chip, the output is not only fast, the signal is more reinforced, and the 10 meters range can still be stabilized. Super 6 hours of battery life makes the movement more hearty.

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