Can the elderly osteoarthritis eat ammonia?Correct taking ammonia, doctors have 4 suggestions

The Nearly 70 Li Ayi has always been hard and energetic. After retirement, she often travels with the old sisters. Usually, it will take the initiative to contract heavy houseworks to reduce the burden for children.

In recent years, Li Ayi's leg fee began to fall uneven, but she habits to buy vegetables every day, put the shopping cart full, and pull the heavy car home.

Last year, Li Ayi's son found that her knees had problems, and they became more and more slow, and they will sit down and press the knee, and persuade her to go to the hospital. But Li Ayi didn't care, think is only a small child of the elderly.

But recently, Li Ayi's knee suddenly hurts very much, even serious to unable to move, so his son immediately sent her to the hospital. After inspection, the results show that Li Ayi has had osteoarthritis, the knee cartilage wear is serious, and there are many joint efforts. They need hospital treatment, first extract, and then inject the drug into the joint.

The doctor pointed out that although osteoarthritis will not be fatal, if the treatment is not in time, the development of the disease will not only affect the quality of life of the elderly, but will be disabled when it is serious.

Data show that the disability rate of Older osteoarthritis can be as high as 53%, but it is not only helpful to help after the disabilities, but also let the families carry heavy treatment burden. But if you can find, timely intervention and adherence to treatment, osteoarthritis can be managed and controlled.

First, osteoarthritis: nearly half of the old man will "trick"

Orthodoxy, it is also known as "degenerative osteoarthrosis", which can cause damage to the joint cartilage and surrounding tissue. As the age increases, the incidence of osteoarthritis will rise. The study pointed out that the incidence of knee and hip osteoarthritis will rise rapidly after 50 years of age, and peak at 70 years old.

There is also a research speculation that the risk of knee joint osteoarthritis in a lifetime is approximately 40%, while women are about 47%. In other words, nearly half of the old people will face the trouble of osteoarthritis.

Orthopedic inflammation will be tired and the whole body is all negotiated with knee kerosinitis. With the development of the condition, patients will have joint pain, swelling, activity decline, pain increase in pain, stiff or malformation, and will seriously affect their quality of life.

Moreover, the process of osteoarthritis is irreversible, and once the damage cannot be recovered. Therefore, we have to pay attention to the maintenance of the joint, prevent osteoarthritis early.

Second, get osteoarthritis, can supplement ammonia?

Most of patients with osteoarthritis should have heard of "aminose". Ammonia, glucose glucose, natural amino monhara, is an important component necessary for synthetic proteogan in the human articular cartilage matrix.

The amino glucose and chondroitin have a "cartilage protective agent". Many people believe that they have had osteoarthritis, only to eat aminose, can be better for a while. But in fact, ammonia has been controversial in clinical efficacy.

Europe has a certain clinical efficacy of the ammonia in Europe, but is listed as a prescription drug because it has a certain side effect.

The US International Orthoplasty Association is pointed out that for the use of ammonia, it is not recommended to relieve symptoms, not recommended, but the association does not recommend using amino glucose to improve knee cartilage results;

The US FDA believes that the ammonia is only auxiliary therapeutic effect, there is no exact clinical treatment, so it can only be sold as health products.

Candid can not be used to treat osteoarthritis? The answer is: score.

First, you should find the cause of osteoarthritis. The etiology of osteoarthritis is complicated and has not yet been clear, not only is absenced, but also related to age, genetic, obesity, trauma and inflammation. If the cause is independent of amino glucose, supplementation re-polyminose can't see the effect.

Is the ammonia value not worth choosing? The current suggestion is that if you have osteoarthritis, you can try it, it will continue, and it will stop. However, the ammonia is generally invalid for severe orthopedic inflammation, and the symptoms of mild bone-arthritis patients are recommended to be rationally used under the guidance of a doctor.

It should also be noted that the ammonia capsules have certain side effects, which may cause intestinal discomfort (eg, nausea, constipation, bloating, etc.) or cause allergic reactions (including rash, itching and red skin, etc.).

Regarding the Want to take the ammonia, the Pharmacist Liu Zhijun, the director of the Beijing Anzhen Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, gave 4 points of post reminders:

1, if there is cardiovascular disease, such as high blood pressure, heart failure, or chronic nephropathy, it is not recommended to take long-term sodium or high potassium sulfate.

2. According to the current scientific evidence, the amount of amosose taken every day is generally greater than 1 gram to get effective, and the dose can only serve as comfort.

3. It is recommended that aminosaccharides should be taken in the meal or after meal to avoid irritation to the gastrointestinal tract.

4, some ammonia is prepared using seafood such as shrimp skin, crab shell, so if you allergic to seafood, or to induce an allergic disease such as asthma, you should understand the source of the product before using amosose, and whether it contains allergies Original.

Third, osteoarthritis, daily management needs to pay attention

It is also important to have osteoarthritis, in addition to drug treatment and surgical treatment, daily management is also very important. Wujiachang, deputy director of the Orthopedic Department of Shenzhen Hospital, Southern Medical University, gave the following recommendations:

1, keep healthy weight

The weight of the weight will bring additional pressure to the joint, and it will also accelerate the development of osteoarthritis. It is therefore recommended that patients with osteoarthritis should maintain healthy weight through a healthy diet, exercise and cognitive behavior, which is beneficial to alleviate the burden of knees and relieve pain. 2, do a good job

Cold and humidity can accelerate joint degeneration, so patients with osteoarthritis must be warm, especially the joint warmth, but also pay attention to self-protection joints. For example, it can be equipped with knee pads, which can protect joint activity and keep warm in knee joint.

3, less weight, less climbing stairs

Climbing the ladder, the weight is loaded with weight, and the knee pressure is large, and it is easy to further deteriorate the damaged knee joint. Therefore, osteoarthritis should be less lifting heavy objects, less climbs.

It is best to take the elevator when you go downstairs. If you really want to ladire, you should have a step first step, and wait for your feet to stand in a step back and then take a step to reduce the weight of the joint. When you raise your weight, you can take a few times a few times, and you should pay more attention to the middle.

Orthodoxitis is the most common disease in middle-aged and elderly people, and is also one of the most likely disabled diseases. If daily is not to pay attention to ossence, with the development of disease, severe joint pain, swelling and other symptoms will not only affect the quality of life, but also cause huge psychological burden on patients.

Therefore, we must strengthen the attention of osteoarthrons, protect the osteoarth, and find that there is a problem in the joint, and take the treatment as soon as possible.


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