2021 Hainan hydrophilic sports season closed

On the afternoon of December 11, the 5th Hainan Department of Hainan ended in Wanning Shenzhou Peninsula in Wanning.

At the closing ceremony, the 14th National Games surf the short board Champion Huang Yingying, the runner-up Huang Yige brings a song that belongs to the surf athlete.

Yang Xinli, deputy director of Hainan Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports, said that 2021 Hainan aquatic sports season added a number of project arrangements, motorboats, paddle boards, kayaks, electric surfing, and tail waves surfing. The fashionable water sports project gathered in Hainan, forming a demonstration of excellent athletes, the masses experience supporting activities, exploring the event + training, activities + entertainment, personal + family, community + masses, etc. The new road of development has expanded the massive channels of the masses, promoted the development of the water sports project, promoted the development of water sports in Hainan, and the participating people in sports tourism will climb year by year, and the national fitness atmosphere is getting more and more.

This closing ceremony is also launched in the same period in the same period with multiple hydrophilic activities such as Motorboat Grand Prix, Paddle Open, Electric Surf Challenge. Rich massive fitness entertainment.

The 5th Hainan Department of Hainan Province, the 5th Hainan Provincial People's Government, Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Radio, Television Sports Department, Hainan Provincial Department of Education, and city county people's governments. (Zhou Shan)

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