Oxygen-free exercise, no oxygen exercise, the benefits of anoxa

What is an oxygen-free movement? We must know that an oxygen-free movement refers to a strenuous exercise that muscles do without oxygen.

It's hard to listen to it. In fact, an oxygen-free movement is an essential hurdle. If you want to fit, you must know an oxygen exercise. If you don't understand an oxygen exercise, you must explore the secret of anaerobic exercise with Xiaobian!

Actime changes to the human body, you can't imagine! Tell you about anhydrous exercise.

First point: common anaerobic exercise

Many people want to practice themselves with an oxygen exercise, but I don't know what oxygen exercise. Common oxygen-free exercises: full speed, barbell sports, dumbbells, jumping, all squats, push-ups ... Oxygen no exercise although there is no kind of aerobic exercise, there are also a variety of kinds.

Some people think that there is no oxygen exercise, the reason is that he did not choose the oxygen exercise she liked. I hope everyone can find an oxygen exercise they like. Be

Second point: the benefits of anaerobic exercise

Oxygen exercise can help people create their own figure, whether you want to grow abundant muscles, or want your body line to get better, you can be satisfied by anoxicity.

Use an oxygen-free exercise to exercise yourself, not only enough to abrasive your own will, exercise your body, but also increase the body's anti-pressure, it is a very beneficial movement.

Third point: applicable people

Oxygen-free people are suitable for people who want to fitness, but some people should pay attention to do not do oxygen-free exercise: pregnant women, can't feel fatigue people, growing teenagers, elder people, etc. The above crowd wants to exercise, try to exercise with aerobics, try not to use those dramatic exercise to exercise themselves.

If you can't do an oxygen exercise, then go to the aerobic exercise.

Quaternary: Skills with aerobic exercise

Oxygen exercise is a skill. If you want to exercise your muscles with an oxygen exercise, you must pay attention to the following: 1. Exercise with multiple groups; 2. There is no too long every group of exercises; The beginners should not exceed 3 times a week.

Fifth point: Preparation for anaerobic exercise

Oxygen-free exercise carefully warm up. You may feel that the warmth will not be so important, and there is no obvious role, so the idea is dangerous. The number of enthusiasm does not ask for it to be specifically said with an article.

Reasonable and appropriate warm-up can help people enter the role of the fitness as soon as possible. There is a meaning of preventing injuries and increasing results.

The above is the introduction of anaerobic exercise. If you like an oxygen exercise, if you think that the oxygen exercise is suitable for you, try an oxygen exercise.

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