Sports neuronal disease daily prevention

Sports neurons are slow, often feel the warmth of warmth, most of the sports neuronal disease will also be exposed to the dominant damage after the symptoms occur.Prevention should be prevented in a daily life.It is no exact understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of motor neuronal disease, and there is no effective precaution.

Carry out physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, to avoid infectious diseases; protect the environment, avoid harmful metal pollution, and improve the quality of drinking water.The cause of exercise neurogenic disease should also be a reasonable and regular diet, avoiding the occurrence of fatigue in daily life, paying attention to health.

General patients should eat Ganshen food, such as: millet, jujube, hawthorn, yam, angelica, red beans, lotus seeds, raisins, walnuts, ginger, beef, mutton, black chicken, etc., you can also buy a bottle of pure natural bee jelly, the mostIt is conducive to enhancement of autoimmunity and helps the disease.Gan flavored food can play a replenishment, and medium, essential role

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