Children's dance is the best movement

Dance is one of the artificial forms of human * early art. It can not only express their minds, express their feelings, but also exercise, regulate their feelings, relieve tension, prevent disease.

Children's dance fitness can correct children's poor posture, bad body type, abnormal respiratory exercise, children's dance aerobic metabolism can effectively enhance heart and lung function, regulate new metabolism, promote blood circulation, and sleep.

Children's dance can fully release bad emotions, depression, anger, sadness, etc. effect.

Some children are emotionally unstable. Excited, depression, hycoverene, depression, multiple, nervous, repenting. Through children's dance, this whole body movement, makes children feel slightly fatigue, stabilizing mood, and is good for physical and mental.

Obesity is a common problem of modern children. Sports weight loss is a scientific and reasonable weight loss method, no side effects, healthy, correct exercise can consume a lot of heat, combustion fat, and achieve the purpose of rapid weight loss.

1. In order to make children's dance action in order to work in all joints. For example, neck, shoulders, waist, elbow, arms, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, toes, etc., and different muscles are not limited to a monotonous action.

2, children's dance exercise must achieve the right time: generally 1 to 2 hours a day. Time is too short, can't play the effect of sports, time is too long, easy to cause fatigue.

3. Children's dance movement must reach a certain amount: relaxing dance and fast-paced fierce dance. The amount of exercise is large, and the selection of dance varies from person to person. It is necessary to consider the age, physical condition, and body softness. Especially for the elderly, the action is appropriate.

4, children's dance exercise should be done: can not practice, no standing, do not ripple, do not move. To do it up and down, outside, moving quiet, slow integration, can truly play the exercise of dance.

5, when dancing: Choose a place where the ground is flat and not slippery, adjust the thickness of the clothes according to the temperature. Clothes must be loose, which is conducive to activities. * Good choice professional dance shoes or soft walk shoes. Children practice dance to avoid sprains and fractures. Basic warm-up must also be made before starting dancing. After the end, it is not advisable to drink water immediately, it is not advisable to sit in place, take a moment, and to be soothless.

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