Which sports is conducive to growth?

The high child, usually dressing, do not have to be too tangled, go out and go to the road to wind all kinds of self-confidence.

I believe that every parent wants his child to have a double-enviable big leg. If you want to grow taller, in addition to preventing disease, it is very important to ensure that it is very important to keep your sleep.

research shows:

Children who often participate in physical exercise are 2 to 3 cm higher than those who do not participate in exercise. Therefore, it is recommended that children have an appropriate amount of outdoor movement every day.

Reasonable exercise helps balance bone growth and systemic calcium, phosphorus metabolism, and accelerate the deposition of minerals in bone. Foreign scholars have found that when children teenagers exercise, their blood growth hormone levels increased, indicating that physical exercise can promote growth and development.

3 stages of growth and development

◆ Infancy: The first year after birth, the fastest growing, can grow 25 cm, the second year's growth rate is about 12 cm, mainly due to nutritional conditions and thyroid hormone regulation.

◆ Childhood: 5 to 7 cm a year, this stage is mainly regulated by growth hormone and thyroid hormone, and if the body does not have sufficient growth hormone, the growth rate of less than 5 cm per year.

◆ Adolescent: After entering adolescence, due to the increase in sex hormone levels, children's growth accelerate again, this stage is mainly the regulation of growth hormones and sex hormones, and sex hormones can promote sexual maturity and bone closure. The entire adolescence, girls can grow 20 to 25 cm, the boy can grow 25-28 cm, then the bone is closed, and the height stops growing.

What is your child's height?

In addition to viewing "height standard table", parents can also simply estimate, test a test for their children, ↓↓

Boy = (Father High + Mother High +13) / 24.5cm

Girl = (Father High + Person High -13) / 2 ± 5cm

It should be noted that only 70% of the ultimate height of people depends on genetic factors, and 30% are affected by the day after tomorrow, such as disease, nutrition, sleep, psychology and sports. So, what are the benefits of today?

Sports advantages


Can promote growth and development

In the human body, the skeleton is constantly carrying new metabolism. Under appropriate nutrition, physical exercise can promote physical development and promote bone and muscle development.


Can increase appetite, reduce anorexia

In long-term clinical practice, it was often short of children. Motion can increase the energy consumption in the body, and can also increase the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, thereby promoting the child's appetite, and reasonable diet is the material foundation of body bones and muscle growth.


Can improve sleep

Plenty of sleep is conducive to the secretion of growth hormones, which has a significant role in growth and development. Sports can make people in a spiritual pleasure, muscles relax, easier to sleep. In particular, children with large learning stress, appropriate exercise can mitigate the pressure in the study and help to learn and rest.

Which sports is conducive to growing


Swimming is a good systemic sports. During the swimming process, the limbs, the torso is fully stretched, the gravity effect is lowered, and the swimming can exercise people's cardiopulmonary function. It is important that many joints such as shoulder joints, knees, ankles, etc. Continuously extend, can also accelerate metabolism, thus enhance skeletal cell viability, which helps grow high.

jump rope

Skipping rope has a certain stimuli of bone growth. The cycle of the bone is improved, stimulating growth hormone secretion, and promoting the growth of children. It is recommended to jump 100-120 per minute, rest once in 2-3 minutes, the total jump rope time is around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the child's own situation. You can not use it, you can persist. In order to increase interest, parents can also jump with children.


Outdoor sports, can fully touch nature, outdoor fresh air, and a very good sunshine in the bathing of the body. Coupled with cycling, promoting the balance of children's hand-legged limbs and enhances children's sports talent. So often cycling, while developing children's legs and foot muscle strength, it can make children's physical skills can be well developed.


Basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc. are all good systemic motions. It is conducive to promoting the full development of physical fitness, enhances and raises the vitality of children. In the process of playing, you can cultivate your child's focus, bounce in proficiency, and the potential can grow taller during the pitch. After exercise, there must be relaxed exercises, such as jogging for a while, pay attention to hydrating in sports.


As an aerobic exercise, you can exercise the heart and lung function, which has an important role in promoting growth hormone secretion, with jogging as appropriate, about 700-1000 meters each time. Step by step, the strength is gradually increased.


Originally or running (three five steps), knees, knees, hips are straight, stand up with a chest, the two arms are touched to touch the object in the air, the object is high to try to touch it. Left, the right hand is carried out 5 times for a group, and the group is resting for 2 minutes. It can do 3 to 5 groups according to your physical condition. It is best to practice on an open, flat, soft and hard mode.

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