More good sports headphones, five sports earphones recommended by sports enthusiasts

How do you buy a blue Bluetooth headset after the phone cancels the wired headset? Become a lot of big headphones, the most listening to the song, the sound, the sound quality is good, but for sports enthusiasts, good sound quality is far less enough, sports headphones need to watch the waterproof, wear mode, and stabilize. Comprehensive consideration. Today, I recommend several Bluetooth headsets that are more suitable for sports, so that you can quickly understand the different styles of the Bluetooth headset to truly exercise.

First, South Car Runner Pro3 bone conduction sports headphones

NANK South Card Bone Transmission Headset, because you don't want to make a way of endorsement, you may have fewer you can see it outside, but the sports circle is very hot, the South Cascade Passage Headset has obtained countless brand strength Praise, I have recommended it. I have used sports headphones, and there are dozens of accumulated, this runner pro3 is my current use of the best sports headphones, and is also a product that is now necessary.

In terms of the configuration, South Car Runner Pro3 has built-in 16G body memory, supports IPX8 waterproof, and Bluetooth 5.2, as a core technology of Bluetooth audio equipment, Bluetooth 5.2 has a good improvement in the functional experience of the product, delay Lower, more anti-interference ability, can reduce the 87% Bluetooth drop-off condition.

Second, BOSE big shark sports headphones

BOSE This brand has always been biased towards sports, no matter what you are fanatics, or choose a gift for fitness novices, Bose sports earplugs are ideal fitness partners. The BOSE sports earplugs have IPX4 level anti-sweat-proof splash function, with three sizes of StayHear Max earplugs, as well as five-hour battery life, can provide a source of source for the user during exercise.

Third, Beats Fit Pro sports headphones

Beats FIT PRO This headset adopts the ear design, supports space audio and active noise reduction, and better for iOS support, can be worn as a movement of AirPods Pro. Equipped with Apple H1 chips, it can be integrated into Apple ecology and can be flexibly switched between multiple Apple devices. Support space audio and dynamic head tracking technology, support adaptive active noise reduction (ANC) technology, and can switch transmission mode. The Beats App also brings the IOS native experience such as headphone fitness test.

Fourth, Jabra ELITE 85T sports Bluetooth headset

It is known that the old enthusiasts who are familiar with the headphones, this is a Nordic audio brand with a 150-year history. In the wearing stability, it can be said to be the first echelon. The headphones profile design is a comprehensive production of tens of thousands of people's ear, and it is that its ear is treated very well. Dai is not a long time. Let you be uncomfortable, wear is both stable and comfortable, then there are 6 microphones in terms of calls! The microphone radio is very clear.

Five, South Car Runner CC2 Bone Passing Sports Headphones

This South Card Runner CC2 is the introduction of the Nanka bone conduction headset. Although it is entry, the price is quite high, IPX6 waterproof, and also has a NANK South Caqi ship will standardize magnetic charging and south Card exclusive OT leakage technology, the whole weaner feels small, small leaks, large size bone pass horn makes the sound sound more open, the sound field is Zhu Yue. The use of lightweight materials, making the overall weight of the South Card Runner CC 2 only 2g, and the exercise is extremely comfortable, there is no weight sensation.

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