What should I do with high blood pressure?Do these four sports every day, easy to control high blood pressure

Hypertension is a universal cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease. Not only the elderly are very prone to this disease, but many young people have also become a high-risk population of hypertension. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to the prevention and control measures of hypertension. When there is high blood pressure, it is necessary to adjust the diet structure, and to pay attention to usual fitness exercise to control blood pressure.

Do more to do more every day, blood pressure can also listen to you.

First, slowly walk the stairs

Slowly walking the stairs can make blood pressure smooth, can effectively control the fluctuation of blood pressure, and keep the mental state full, the consumption of the consumption of the stairs to walk, can make the body blood circulation get good circulation, can let The body gets very good exercise.

Second, walk

Patients with hypertension can take a walk in way to exercise in a walk, walking around 70 steps per minute, about 10,000 meters per hour, should last for ten minutes or so. This exercise is mainly suitable for high blood pressure without exercise habits, which can be used as an adaptive exercise process.

Third, fitness run

Hypertension patients should be an electrocardiographic exercise test before exercise, which can check the reactivity of heart function and blood pressure on exercise. Hypertensive patients do not necessarily require speed when they run, but do not create dizziness and headache after running. If you are running, you have to relax, don't be too nervous. If you feel fatigue, you can't exercise your fitness.

Fourth, Tai Chi

The movement of Tai Chi is relatively soft, which can relax muscles, and can keep the mood quiet and can effectively reduce blood pressure. When you make a Tai Chi, you must guide the action. If you have a high level of your thoughts, you must calm, so you can eliminate high blood pressure patients with nervous emotions.

What is the benefit of sports patients with high blood pressure?

Hypertension patients can adjust the neurological function of the body in the usual exercise, which can make the nerve function more perfect. Moreover, the tension of the capillary and small arteries can be reduced, and the blood circulation can be effectively adjusted, which can reduce the effect of blood pressure.

At the same time, it is also possible to reduce blood viscosity and increase blood rheology, and can improve the blood circulation of the whole body, enhance the oxidative capacity of material metabolism. In normal oxygen exercise can alleviate stress reactive, it is possible to stabilize unusual emotions, and the psychological state of tension anxiety can be eliminated.

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