Sports Bluetooth headset what brand is good, riding sports headphones

Do you have any people who love sports often like music, because dynamic melody and beautiful songs will make sports more interesting! Nowadays, there is very busy, it seems that people are very busy, busy this, it is best to let a music Relax tightness, relax, happy sports, healthy sports! I chose some good sports headphones in the market, I hope everyone can like it.

1. South Car Runner Pro 3 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

The advantage of bone conduction is that the jar is open when enjoying music. This can be more sensitive to perceive the surroundings when outdoors will be safer.

As the core component of the product, the headphone chip is a key role in the experience of the product. Runner Pro3 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 chips, fully optimizing the product's basic experience, and also added NFC fast pairing and two functions, making the operation more portable. It also has IPX8 professional sports waterproof + 16G self-contained memory to swim.

2.BOSE QC30 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

This headset is a blended Bluetooth sports headset, and the neck ring in line with the neckline of the neck is made of ergonomic design. It's still very comfortable for a long time. It is also more stable during exercise. It uses world-renowned noise reduction technology to identify noise, actively issue correction signals, dilute background noise interference, and create a calm atmosphere. Simple and elegant appearance, high sound quality, strong medium frequency, clear voice.

3.Beats PowerBeats Pro Bluetooth sports headphones

The appearance value has always been the main propaganda point of its brand before Beats is acquired by Apple. The appearance value of Beats PowerBeats Pro is also very high. Because of its large size, the gym can see it around the people around you, becoming the brightest in the gym; use the Apple H1 chip, with the longest battery life for the charging cabin 24 hours, daily use; In addition, PowerBeats PRO sweat is mentioned in the product introduction, but there is no official introduction to the waterproof certification level, indicating that the waterproof design is still, and the specific waterproof performance is to be verified.

4. South Card Runner CC 2 Bone Passage Bluetooth Sports Headphones

South Card Runnercc 2 joined IPX6 level waterproof support. Not only can I improve the protection capabilities of headphones in daily scenes, but also meet some of the needs of users outdoor sports, and they should be more smooth. South Card Runnercc 2 bone conducted sports headphones and previous compared, and this appearance is more fashionable, and the material is also a aviation material, which greatly reduces the weight of the body, while combining pro Skin food grade silica gel, give you a comfortable stay. On the sound portion, a large-sized bone conductor is made, making the sound quality better, and the headphones also have technologies that remove the leakage, which can reduce the vibration of the bone conduction, and also increase the sound quality. Waterproof also has a good performance, IPX6 waterproof is sufficient to deal with daily sweat and washing. In general, it is a good bone conducted sports headset.

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