Sports children's heart, healthy Tongle

In order to enrich children's in-garden life, raise children's participation in sports, and cultivate children's cooperation spirit, collective honor, let children get exercise, and physique is enhanced. On the morning of December 9, 202, the Kindergarten Affiliated Kindergarten of Ming Ping Primary School conducted a winter fun gathering in the theme of "Sports Children's Heart Health".

At 9 o'clock in the morning, the Winter Fun Games of the Sports Affiliated Kindergarten in the Ming Ping Primary School kicked off in the kids' expectations and cheers. Small athletes have a strong pace with athletes to form a bright landscape on the sports field.

The teachers and children began to work together with the music, ignited the enthusiasm of the audience, showing the gestures of teachers and children's sunshine, reflecting the spiritual spirit of the vitality of the genger gardens attached to the Ming Ping Primary School.

Then the exciting game movement link, the game is the most expected project, experience in the game, growing in the game. All kinds of grades through rich game materials, vivid and interesting event scenarios, with drill, climbing, running, jumping, balance, etc.

At the end of the sports meeting, the teachers also gave a game and feel the happiness brought by sports!

In the laughter of the children, the winter fun sports will end successfully. This rich and colorful taste will cultivate good quality, brave, not afraid of difficulties, unity and cooperation. Finally, I wish every lovely child have a healthy and happy childhood!

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