Experience and luxurious two incorrectly, Bentley flying

Bentley flying, 6.0 liter double turbocharged W12 engine, with the ZF 8 speed dual clutch gearbox, the maximum power is 635 hp, peak torque, 900 cattle, rice, 100 kilometers acceleration time is 3.8 seconds, the highest speed of 333 km / h

Equipped with "Bentley three-sided flipping panel". When the engine start button is pressed, the center of the dashboard is silent to flip, and a 12.3-inch touch screen can be present, and three types of customized digital interfaces are equipped. The second finished surface of the "Bentley Turning Turning Panel" has three simulation dials, respectively, the vehicle outside the thermometer, compass and timer. The third finished face is a simple and beautiful wooden ornament panel, which is unified with the front panel of the interior.

Vehicle chassis for new aluminum and composite materials, and 48 volt electrical frame, Bentley brand has the most innovative super luxury four-door sedan

Variable torque distribution varies depending on the dynamic driving mode selected by the driver. Under "Comfort Mode" and "Bentley Mode", the system outputs a torque of up to 480 cattle and meters to provide greater grip and more excellent driving performance. Under "Motion Mode", the system defines the available torque of the front axis to 280 cattle, and always outputs a higher torque to the rear axis to enhance the dynamic driving experience. The torque of the front and rear axles is also managed by torque vector brake system.

Four high sensors sustainable monitoring between the axles and the body. If the system detects that this distance is different from the normal value, the amount of air in the spring is corrected accordingly, thereby restores the distance when driving normally.

Using the LED matrix headlights, this dazzling design draws inspiration from crystal cutting. And with exquisite chrome-plated trim, design with new taillights. New 22-inch wheel

The new flying front brake is 420 mm. The brake calipers before and after the vehicle have a Bentley brand exclusive sign. The standard brake calipers are designed with bright black color design, and customers can also choose bright red brake caliper.

Adjustable exhaust pipe control valve for adjustable settings, new flying has an optimized exhaust sound. The exhaust sound of the second half of the system is optimized to create a more quiet car atmosphere.

The first modern flying model introduced into the lifting double flying wing "B" word logo

The first Bentley model equipped with electronic full-wheel steering system, with an active full-wheel drive system

In addition to rich monochromatic tone and two-color tunnel panel design selection, new flying can choose "Mulliner Driving Kit", including the Bentley brand for the first introduction of a new flying leather door panel to become the industry's first creation The passenger is equipped with a new touch-screen remote remote control device created by exquisite materials; the remote control device is almost hidden in the console, and only tap the button to remove it and remotely manipulate. Remote control can regulate multiple settings, including: sunshade, rear seat massage and rear air conditioning, etc. In addition, the system can also preset some of the configurations in the car, such as an atmosphere light in an adjustment vehicle.

New flying new atmosphere light option, a total of seven light colors and numerous light intensity can be selected

The new leather seat is designed with a double tank and increases the configuration of many improvement comfort, including seat heating and ventilation, multi-mode massage, adjustable seat support and headrest. "Mulliner Driving Kit" optionally fused three-dimensional diamond leather interior and conventional suture process, overall lifting of the luxurious texture.

The rear seats can meet the customers in the trophy of comfort, and the seat is equipped with foldable central armrests and manual expansion central headrest. When the headrest is collapsed, a broader field of view can be obtained.

Provides three kinds of audio systems to choose from, the standard system has 10 speakers with a power of 650 watts. Bang & Olufsen is a set of power of 1,500 watts. It has 16 speakers. The customers who pursue fashion lifestyle can also optionally have a speaker grille with lighting function, which uses the first BEOSonic system for automotive products. This new technology uses a simple and intuitive one-touch user interface to complete tuning; audio enthusiasts can optionally have a NAIM system with "active bass converter", power 2,200 watts with 19 speakers, eight Sound mode

Panoramic glass skylights can also be selected according to customer personal preferences. The panoramic window is divided into two parts of the front and rear, and the movable front-day window can be slidable to the fixed rear panel. ALCANTARA sunshade color of electric control can match each other with 15 interior color schemes

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