How long does it take?

It is time to move in about a month, and the specific needs need to be determined according to the individual recovery.After the hair is sparse the hairline, the hair is seriously affected by the facial image of the person. Many beautiful beauty chooses to improve the improvement, hair transplant is generally the healthy hair follicle of the rear pillow. After special separation, transplant the hair loss in the hair, hair follicle adapts to the newAfter the blood circulation system, you can grow new hair, so that the hair becomes more dense, improves the hairline after the hairline, may cause a certain damage to the skin after the hair is done, and the intense exercise is easy to cause bacterial hyperplasia., Affecting the effect of hair transplant, usually takes about a month, the wound will heal, the skin gradually returns to the normal state, and can be exercised appropriately, and the specific needs need to be judged according to the actual situation of the individual.

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