Sports camera sealed waterproof test equipment

The moving camera is a very exciting moment of professional use in various motion. The moving camera can be used in many cases, and most of them are in the outdoor environment, so the waterproof or sealing performance of moving cameras is very important, there are some high Waterproof requirements manufacturers will use waterproof silicone ring, RTV silica glue, PUR hot melt adhesive glue, etc. to achieve IPX7 or even IPX8 level waterproof, then how do you know whether waterproof / seal meets? This needs to be achieved by moving camera sealed waterproof test equipment. In some key links, the sports camera can detect the semi-finished products and finished products that do not meet the requirements, and the factory finished product has a good practice. sex.

To use a sports camera to sealed waterproof test equipment, you need to customize the corresponding moving camera waterproof test fixture, as well as manual or automated tooling, so you can move some key link semi-finished products according to product style and some structural characteristics. Sealed waterproof test, then detect the finished product using a moving camera airtight leak detector, so it does not determine if there is no leak because the semi-finished product is not allowed to have a leak, it takes a certain time to determine the leakage point. Then, rework, and for sports camera semi-finished products, the GL-300 series waterproof test machine can be used to use negative pressure to quickly detect the qualitativeness of the product.

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