Party history calendar 丨 one or two sports outbreak

December 9

On December 9, 1935, a twenty-nine movement broke out.

On December 9, 1935, in the increasing situation of the national crisis, thousands of people in Beiping patriotic students, under the leadership and organization of the Temporary Work Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the horrible rule of the Kuomintang government, holding a vast anti-Japanese national rescue renovation,Shouting "opposes North China Autonomous Sports", "Down to Japan Imperialism", "Stop Civil War, Consistent Foreign" and other slogans.On the 16th, Beiping students and more than 10,000 people, held a citizen conference in Tianqiao.After the meeting, a larger-scale demonstration was held.The one or nine exercises received enthusiastic support and solid support in the country, setting off a new climax of national anti-Japanese national saving countries.

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