Enjoy the Beach Sport 2021 Hainan Beach Sports Carnival Sana end

Recently, in the 2021, Hainan Beach Sports Carnival came to an end in Sanya. This year's Sports Carnival hosted by the Provincial Travel Hall, combined with the province's tourism industry and each coastal city characteristics, surrounding the beach sports, tourism, culture, music, entertainment and other all-round excavation and show Haikou, Zhangzhou, London, Wanning Six city county activities and tourism products such as Wenchang, Sanya.

2021 Hainan Wanning Beach Barrier Event Site

This year's sports carnival, from the opening of the closing, more than two months, the majority of beach sports enthusiasts and tourists release sand feet in the seaport, in the beautiful and modern blending beauty, in the music Donglong Muwan pursues the most beautiful sunset, in Wanning Shenzhou Peninsula, experience the glamor charm, in Wenchang Gaolong Bay, feel the deep heritage of volleyball hometown, in Sanya Tianya, the street pride, realize "six cities , Six major themes, one city, one product, a characteristic activity pattern. Out of the large-scale theme events, all cities are still in accordance with different urban features, launch the theme experience training camp, sightseeing tour, sports study, parent-child interaction, so that the public and tourists experience the enjoyment of the beach, sports tourism.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Travel Hall, in order to let Sino-foreign tourists can fully understand and experience Hainan Beach Movement, since 2019, Hainan planned the beach sports carnival activities, through a series of rich and colorful beach sports to meet the public Multi-level, diverse beach movements and leisure needs.

2021 Hainan Laotong's most beautiful days of beach marathon scene

Up to now, Hainan Beach Sports Carnival has been held 3 times, and the effect of promoting tourism consumption through the beach movement is gradually highlighted. The Hainan Beach Sports Carnival attracted 4,328 people to participate in the competition, nearly 200,000 citizens entered the event, the official small procedure interactive platform exceeded 250,000 visits, initially realized the event as an engine, promoting industrial integration, multi-sector Link, eliminate the target of the industry chain.

Enjoy the beach sports to help the whole people's fitness

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