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World football day

World Socowrant Day, December 26, 1863, the British, the British First Football Association - England Football Association, the birth of the England Football Association, marking the development of football into a new stage. People are recognized on December 26, 1863, the date of its establishment of the England Football Association, is the birthday of modern football.

In 1978, the United Nations set the happiness of this campaign to people.

World football day


Source of football

Football originated from an ancient Chinese game "蹴", so, the hometown of football is China. In July 1958, when the President of International Football, Avilan was said that football originated in China. In early 2004, FIFA confirmed that football originated from China.

There is a record in "War Guodi · Qi Shi". As early as 300 years ago, 蹴 蹴 activities have been popular in Qi Guozhong. To Han Dynasty, we ushered in the prosperity of ancient Chinese "football", developing into a competition that directly fights. When you go to the Ming Dynasty, you are still very popular. Zhu Yuanzhang has ordered it.

World football day


"Football" in poetry

"Answering Day]


Eight pointers chopped, in the fire.

If you are always there, you will kick your cart.

"The Northern Building in the cold food"

Wei Ying

Gardens have a new festival, the wind is full of high.

I am smoothing the drums, and I am happy.

"Zuchen Yengzhou is in the cold food city."


Rainy smoke willow wants to be clear, and the golden house will warm the Feng Feng.

Yong Japan has no thing, and heard the balloon across the street.

Blue sky

Handling with green stadium


Shouting with passion

Put happy in your heart, easily

Tied the health on the leg, freely

Stay your smile in the stadium, soar

World football day

Sports health and no limit

Prevention and control tip

Going out home, raising the good habit of hard work before meals, try not to go to the venue and ventilation place, adhere to the norm to wear masks, cough, and sneeze.

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