Nature sports mattress enjoy Chinese ice and snow sports athletes with good sleep

Workers must be in good faith.

For sports enthusiasts, running professional running shoes, swimming to wear swimming mirrors, hiking must have a mountain cane, which is everyone's consensus. So, what about sleeping? Do you need to configure a sports mattress?

Regarding the sleep after exercise, I often hear such complaints: "I don't want to sleep, but back pain, how to sleep is uncomfortable." "Improved is the same mattress, usually fell asleep, but after fitness In those few days, it was particularly uncomfortable. "

Sleep experts from nature tell you, sleep after exercise, you need a professional sports mattress. The exercise is high, the body is exhausted, the spirit is excited, and it will become more sensitive than ordinary people. It is a high-efficiency and lower cost recovery method. Especially for some friends who sprint transcripts, or exercise weight loss, a professional sports mattress is even greater, in addition to making you better motion, it is easier to stick to it.

This is no, nature mattress is a professional development of the Sports and research base for the National Sports General Administration, and the ecological bedding of the sports mattress, the pillow can bring the highest quality sleep quality of the ice and snow athlete to help them in the field. Create a new achievement.

On December 2, the Winter Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration held a card in the comprehensive training hall for nature mattresses to thank the nature sports mattresses to escort the sleep of the ice and snow athletes.

Can you get the recognition of China's ice and snow, nature Champion Vitality Sports mattress? According to experts, it is easy to back pain after exercise fitness because lactic acid is in practice. When exercising, the body produces a lot of lactic acid, but it cannot be excluded in time, and the lactic acid accumulation causes acid pain. Moreover, the body is more sensitive to the body, and the muscles are tight after exercise. The real mattress is able to help the muscles to get better soothing relaxation. Champion Vitality Sports Mattress is designed according to ergonomics and scientific sleep theory, three-stage nine-stage release ridge structure, can automatically sense physical gravity, maintain "zero pressure", to support body balance, can stay when you sleep The normal physiological curve of the spine, effectively improves and protects the skin muscle skeleton fatigue of the human body, so that the body quickly recovered in sleep, alleviating the pain after the movement, let people get high quality sleep.

In addition, after the movement, the body maintains a higher heat value for a long time, so it is necessary to have a better reduction of heat dissipation. The Champion sports mattress is designed with a breathable 3D fabric design, which can effectively help the human body discharge moisture, sleep, will not make the body feel hot, and it is not easy to explode during sleep. More than US Space Suit The following constant temperature black technology is added, which can reduce the energy loss when the human body is asleep, to create a suitable sleep temperature, and it is also suitable in winter.

After the human body is lying in bed, it is easier to drop the dandruff and sweat. These are all food, mattress is simply the energy replenishment station of mites, and the aphids are easily caused by asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis and other diseases. Nature Champion Sports mattress uses a new generation of zinc-resistant anti-viral technology and photocatalyst antibacterial technology, and antibacterial anti-mite does not have a deeper guardian for sleep microenvironment.

In addition to super functionality, the Champion sports mattress is also very delicate in the design. The mattress surface design is a passion collision with a classic ripple and a classic horizontal stripe. The visual is full of refreshing, and the line is vivid, and a natural painting of each athlete has a elegant and refreshing and unattling three-dimensional natural painting. In terms of color, the main color is made to white, fresh and simple, and the side is dotted with light blue mesh. The classic atmosphere; plus the bright five-ring fluorescent ribbon, add a manifestation, youth and energetic.

As the saying goes, eat ginseng, not as good as sleeping.

Only have high quality sleep, can you send life.

Nature mattress is always to help China as a mission, and fully protect the health of the nationals.

Faster, higher, stronger! Nature mattress encompasses the people's better life!

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