Use a gadget to relieve sports fatigue

Our reporter Liu Wei

Stretching and relaxing as the necessary links before and after the movement, can help us relax muscles before exercise, improve the body temperature, and relieve the physical pain after exercise, and maximize exercise damage, and its importance is self-evident.

Assistant, assistant, assistant researcher, director of the National Sports General Administration, Assistant Researchers, said: "Many people may have an incorrect movement method on the one hand, and on the other hand, there is no attention to the warmth and stretching. Sports itself is consumption The process, sports training is stronger to be stronger after recovery, if only consumes not recovering, the body will only get worse, so exercise recovery and training are equally important. Some people often have an urgent time when exercising. When the body temperature is too low, it is eager to exercise, no stretching, or stretching is not enough, will increase the risk of sports injuries. "" Carrying the foam shaft, the fascia, the fascia, can pull anytime Stretching and relaxing, can play a half-time effect during exercise. "Zhao Danzhen recommended," "However, the tool is not right, or the time, the amplitude and the action control is not correct, all will not reach the stretching effect. For example, the bubble axis is divided. Soft and hard, the fascia ball also has a single ball, a double ball, a large fascia ball, a small fascia ball, a vibrating ball, a silica gel ball, etc. With different stretching relaxation methods for different parts, these gadgets are also differentiated. Use, can't blind. "

Zhao Danzhen also gives a specific stretching method: "Like a large area, systemic stretching and relaxing preferred foam shaft assist, can roll a strong muscle group for immediate movement before training, Relaxing, such as a triceps, shoulders, the muscles are particularly friendly. After training, you can do slow muscles to relax, reduce your body's pain. For some physical pain points or thin weaknesses, then the fascia ball will send it. Each of our muscles and joints are different. The energy transfer of sports will become more, and the pressure that is not dispersed is gathered in a relatively weak body, forming muscle trigger points, and muscle fibers will become very confusing. The fascia ball can be pressed against the trigger point, open the confusing place to ensure that the whole muscles can be remarkably slid, ensuring that the body is maintained in a good state. "

The fascia gun is now a relaxation tool for more and more people. For those who often exercise training, the brilliance gun vibration method can reach the deep layer of muscle, relax, but the requirements for operations are also higher. Zhao Danxi reminds: "Different" The brand of the brilliance gun is different. The frequency and strength can be more different. The fascia gun can assist training, and the muscles have a certain stimuli, but this operation is a little dangerous, requiring professional guidance. Ordinary sports enthusiast Using a fascia gun while the muscles are relaxed, you need to keep in mind a big principle, it is to understand the distribution and starting point of important muscles, and vibrate in the muscles texture or face, or this muscle The highest ranking, can also play a good relaxation. "

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