Sports, is the best rich

Have a word:

"Sports will not make people regret, when you start falling in love, health will fall in love with you."

Sichuan flows, life is not limited.

People who love sports will not be too bad.

Sports, rich body

"The best health is insisted."

The appearance is natural, the body has to exercise after the day.

Junxi is more than 50 years old and lives in the country.

She got up at 6 o'clock in the morning, and a person jogged into the mountain.

Run around the mountain, then pick a barrel of mountain spring water home, make breakfast.

In the evening, the sun is falling, and the monarch still rides around the mountain.

In this way, I insisted that more than 10 years, the whole person looks very young, climbing the stairs don't breathe.

I asked her, why do you live so?

She Answer: I have a big illness when I am young, and I am afraid to die. Every day, you can make your heart more practical.

Record in "Source Ware":

"Sports bone blood, the gas is strong."

The body is all the money.

If life is a string of numbers, the body is the most in front of "1", money, fame and fortune these "0" is meaningful.

Take a rest, exercise well, and wealth in work and rest.

Sports, rich in life

"There are three things in life: reading, sports, breathing."

Taste the sweet people, sports will add addiction.

When you brush, you can always see Li Ruoxi's fitness video.

Li Ruoxi is famous for the little dragon girl in "God Carving Heroes", and now she has been over half a hundred years old.

At the end of the 54th birthday, she wrote a Weibo said:

"For me, there must be meat on the body, but it can only be muscles."

Li Ruoxi encountered a setback of life in 2005, breaking up, relatives, she became depressed, did not dare to talk to people.

In order to pull yourself from the abyss, she started fitness, insisted on running, push-up, yoga every day, and stayed in the gym for 5 hours.

On the day of day, the body is getting better, and the mood is no longer depressed.

She said: "At the beginning, fitness is to solve loneliness, and now it has become a kind of preferences and habits."

Today, Li Ruoxi rarely acts, but it is still loved by many fans, and there is constant program invites her to participate.

Someone evaluates her:

The beauty of the years is unbearable: live exquisite, rich in heart, self-discipline.

When the time passed, the face would be aging, but the body can still be young.

Sports, not to lose weight, but in order to make life more possible, no matter how it is obedient, it can be safe.

Spring is coming to the autumn, I went to the mountain sea, and I was not lost.

Life is endless, no exercise, blood boiling.

Sports, rich mentality

The writer village said on the spring tree:

"When you are blamed by others, or feel wronged, I always run more than weekdays."

Running, can consume negative emotions, making people more confident.

Professor Li Meilu shared a case:

A pair of parents are worried about their children: he is gallbladder and is bullied in school.

Li Meilu said with his parents, you took him to learn aekwat, usually run more.

Probably learn Taekwond a year, this child does not know, it has become masculine, and the courage is also big, no one dares to bully him.

Why is this this?

On the one hand, the child enhances the body in sports, and other children naturally don't dare to bully him;

In addition, because long-term exercise, the child's willpower is more tough, can suffer, not afraid of shrinking.

Sports, can stabilize emotions, bring more powerful mentality.

Angelira, a professor of Pennsylvania University, made a survey. He pointed out that those self-discipline movements usually have these qualities:

1, can endure the suffering, good at controlling emotions;

2, do not complain about the status quo, not afraid of failure;

3, clear target, strong focus;

Have a word:

"If you want to be angry, then rush forward in the run.

If you feel annoyed, then you will take yourself. "

Sports, in addition to exercising, it can also cultivate a person's heart.

In the boring repetition, you need to be lonely, constantly overcome your weaknesses.

If you feel hard, go to exercise, take a limited energy, hovering unyielding mentality.

What can I get a person, from huge pain?

"Time takes everything, exercise, hurt, reading rich,"

We are a sand in the universe, and many things don't stick to the end, you can't see the results.

On the road, practice your body and mind and go to the distance.

After work, it is fine.

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